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Real talk what did they do right compared to their competitors?

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Nothing, they got stomped by Magazine until GTO and Love Hina ended and they got lucky that a few series like One Piece and Nardo were hits AND long runners to the point where complacency took over and they just became to manga what WWE is to wrestling in the eyes of normalfags.

They just happened to have multiple great hits running at the same time, Jojo, DB and YYH being the Big 3 of the 90s. After that, the snowball effect continued as the most popular magazine becomes more popular due to its own popularity. When you have all these manga magazines, one of them is bound to be read more and you leave the rest to the snowball effect.

Nothing besides picking DB and RuroKen. Fucking everyone wanted to be in the DB magazine or was an assistant for Watsuki or both. Magazine hasn't been able to coast on having massive legacy hits for years, and Sunday editors seem to just not give a fuck. They'll take anything as long as its 200+ chapters longer than it n0eeds to be.

Cancel garbage within 3 volumes.

Except they haven't for earthchild for some reason, doron as well but moreso earthchild

Earthchild is next on the chopping block. It only live this long because they already met the axe quota last round

Agressive axing mostly. But also singlehandedly turned the tide of the Sunday led Romcom boom by introducing HnK in 1983

How do other magazines axed their series? Don't tell me only Jump aggressively sent their duds to the chopping block.

The only like unironically worthy manga that transcends fashion and time out of WSJ is Shaman King, it legit would work as a HEAVY novel, as in an actual literary book (not LN)
They never replicated that kino again but I can respect WSJ just for that

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Most magazines look how volume 1 performs and decide whether to stop a series at volume 2 or not. Sometimes the author is already too far into volume 2 so they get an extension to volume 3.

They were always simply lucky by being the right publisher in the right moment and hitting it big with the certain series.

This is the dumbest post in the thread and it's already fucking stupid

Coasting off their success from the 90s so even now most mangaka that wants to make it big brought their one shots to them while ignoring the smaller magazines, allowing them to have better picks for successful series (other than that one time they rejected AoT)

So they are basically the cartoon network for the manga world?

>what did they do right compared to their competitors?
Kill off their magazine with a bunch of Shojo shit to give the other magazines a chance, so thoughtful.

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That's because they are, and always have been, the ones who invest the most in rookies. Others do not give random shitters a chance, this is why axebait exists in such a fashion. All of this predates Dragon Ball by at least a decade so it has nothing to do with "coasting" off previous success. There are mangaka who spend their entire career without ever getting a magazine cover and Jump just hands it out to fucking shitters and takes the hit in that week's sales because it's worth it in the end

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>Others do not give random shitters a chance,
What do you base that on?


What history? How many magazines do you read?

>What history?
Of manga
>How many magazines do you read?
Currently? Overall? In my lifetime? What the fuck are you after

Which manga magazines have you read at all to become an expert on them?
Can you even name a hundred of them without looking them up?