Leader, Ship captain
Muscles, Guns, arm expert
Tech guy, getaway driver

what purpose does Rocks serve other than being the audience self-insert?

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>you can't have more firepower and manpower by adding a fourth man because...you just can't!

I guess he served a purpose as translator and sometimes negotiator.

Does he even speak multiple languages? that would sure be an advantage but everyone speaks Japanese for plot convience and Japanese people are not known to be multiluingual

to be dumbass Revy bullymeat

>speedwatching this hard
Everyone speaks english, you just hear it in japanese.

Logistics/Business Administration/Risk Management

I just mean the translator job he got in Japan for the Yakuza/Russian arc.
He is pretty useless though.

He's Revy's punching bag/comfort object/sex slave


He also figured out where the twins were from.

Rock is the salaryman micromanager that makes the company run slightly better. He also saved the crew from getting fucked over several times.

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He brings the humor. If you had ever been in a real criminal organization you would know a mood maker is necessary.

Whats up with her face?

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posting my favourite revys

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revy reaction images are pure soul

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Black Lagoon has quite possibly the most consistently great female characters I've seen in anime

its true. and mainly because they are real women, not silly schoolgirl girls

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Diplomat and Negotiator, best demonstrated with the ep where he mediates the deal with Balalaika and stops Revy turning it into a gun fight.
His secondary role is being a source of outside-the-box thinking because he lacks the 'common sense' of all the veteran pirates so can come up with plans and tactics only an idiot would consider and thus nobody sees coming