Lycoris Recoil Finally Got Dethroned After More Than Five Weeks

What happened? Did the writer change contribute to that? The homo? Something else?

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summertime render bros...

disney jail

i hate that something like this exists and i hate you even more for posting it


on one hand it's a good thing that disney jail prevents the threads from being flooded with crunchyroll users but on the other hand i really don't miss having to wait an unspecified amount of time for decent subs. aoty for sure tho

Fuck yeah hetbros we done it
Our time has finally come.

Guess who's NOT on the top ten right now.

You guessed it! RENT-A-BITCH!

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It's over

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>call of the night #1
>shadows house #3
What the fuck? The threads are dead and hypeless.


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What the fuck is anime trending?

It's a shill thread for a niche website that always has wildly wrong results

yurincel fail

>sadao x emi
HAHAHAHAHHA the fucking cope

Fuck yeah; I'm happy to see Call of Night getting it's moment in the lime light.

speaking of Disney Jail. I encourage you if you like to go let Disney know what a trash woke company they are and how they deserve to fall. Bonus points if you refer to them as white slavers.

At the bottom of the page; it's the give feedback option.

>call of the night #1
This is notably more popular than lycoris according to sites like mal so it's not that odd it managed to overtake lycoris once or twice. What's weird is how weak made in loli scat is considering how highly rated and (relatively) popular it is.

Lycolis Recoil will get back to No. 1 by next weekend.

1 more week!