I thought good isekais don't exist? you guys lied to me

I thought good isekais don't exist? you guys lied to me

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you mean this one?

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Of course they exist; we just had one last season.

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>female author's little girl self insert grooms a man three times her age and eventually successfully seduces him
So this is what women really want after all.

she groomed a man three times her age?

I still can't believe this garbage gets a season 2.

Yeah, completely canon. She is 7 and he is 21 when they meet, and she ends up basically making him marry her.

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The anime is mediocre. The LN is the best isekai I've ever read.

don't read the novel past volume 3, live the dream

he got cunny so win-win?

He spent most of the story trying to keep it professional, but eventually her charms won.

It's a good version of a 50 year old man in a boy's body that falls in love with a 7 year old. Actually not fall in love but lusts over a 7 year old. they are actually the same age mentally in this and pretty sure they will not copulate until her body is an adult.

You become an adult at around 14 in this world, since it's supposed to be historically accurate.

I went into this thinking I'd get a good Isekai suggestion, kept reading to find out there's pedo roots
When does it end with y'all?

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The last good Isekai was .hack//sign. Watch shows from before that.

Provide 10 reasons why you think thats good would you?

>When does it end
never, anime is not for normies

I don't know man, it was written by a mother who is happily married, maybe she is the one who is actually normal here.

Well i guess the blonde lose then.