Mob Vs CSM

Mob Vs CSM

>Art Style
>Character Designs
>Plot twists

How are there even people saying Mob deserves to be AOTY over Chainsaw Man? Is there literally anything Mob does better than CSM at all? It's just pure contrarianism.

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Neither of these are out yet. But I agree mob is overrated trash. Arm chair philosophy garbage for losers with a weak sense of humor

Based Piss Bottle Gamer

Redditsoyman is garbage

>piss bottle count

Bleach is better than both of those zoomer shows

both are easily mogged by .... SAO....

Oh look it's another fucking CSM bait and console war thread. Ignore this retarded console war thread since is one schizo trying to start fanbase wars with other manga see all those CSM vs Bleach threads, it was him making those threads.

I never tought it is about philosphy I was just entertained by the great production value, the sakugas and funny (maybe I have a weak sense of humor) story

Diaper is strong.

>I was just entertained by the great production value, the sakugas

Average Mobtard ladies and gentlemen, I will never understand why people pretend that Mob is a great anime or some sort of masterpiece when no one ever talks about it other than how amazing its animation is

This is OP btw
Living conditions
Now go kill yourself, Diaper.


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Chadbasedmen... our response?!?!?!
>All these obvious console war threads with CSM as OP
Can someone explain me why the hell this manga attracted the worst type of shitposters? because it can't go for one day one without one faggot is baiting or trying to create a forced console war with other series. A couple days ago i saw four or three CSM bait threads or trying to start a console war with Bleach in the catalog, its getting ridiculous and why the mods don't do their job.

end yourself op conchesumadre

im not saying its great it was just good entertainment thats all

Quality of the manga affects the quality of your fanbase

>Quality of the manga affects the quality of your fanbase
Fucking bullshit this never been true or case since there are good manga with terrible fanbases before and never reflects the quality of the work.

>chensoman is peak japanese fiction
animebabbies everybody

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>there are good manga with terrible fanbases
Name them

Forced console wars


Must be hard living life as such a contrarian faggot every day. Maybe you should just kill yourself.