Easily a 9/10

Easily a 9/10.

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More like 9000/10=900 men.
>Verification not required.

Gotou >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sayu

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Only good thing about this terrible harem, Sayu is super cute.
Protagonist is a self-insert, needless harem.
Watch Diabolik Lovers instead if you want harem, it's much better

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Women who have fucked tons of guys are great for casual sex and non-serious relationships if they don't live in retarded drama and fabricated chaos. If you want to make the decision to marry them that's on you, just understand that you'll know the whole time in the pit of your soul that even if she stays faithful from the time you start dating you are still a cuck on some level, especially in the modern era when so many "free thinking" women have at least a few pics and videos of getting railed while drunk floating around. But for some guys that might be better than wasting away lonely and miserable, everyone's different. It's important to learn who you are and what you want before making big decisions like that. I feel like the we live in a more modern sex culture that has evolved a lot in the past 20 odd years especially. Open relationships, bisexuality, communication, and experimentation are in and experience is important. Swingers are everywhere nowadays and with shit like Tindr people can pretty much get laid on demand. Personally, I just try to be as open and non-judgmental as possible when it comes to the bedroom and my partner's sexlife/history that seems like where society is headed. As of 2020 polling suggest a majority of the country supports decriminalizing sex work even. So all that is to say I think yeah take your sexlife seriously and especially when considering relationships, but do it that because you're in tune with yourself and your needs. Some of us just want to be single and have fun without getting serious or dealing with drama.

9/10 men a week, maybe more

Giving a serious answer to the copious amounts of bait replies in this thread: it's proven that a woman with many sexual partners is more susceptible to psychological and emotional damage (hence the higher divorce rates and low self-esteem). There's a reason virginity has been held in importance for thousands of years, no matter how many men jump to the defense of women that argue "it doesn't matter", it does for a healthy, stable relationship (among other factors, but it's undeniably one)

tldr: virginity is important for a healthy and optimal relationship. To say otherwise is virtue signaling or ignorance

>can cook
>super cute
>tries her best
>willing to work
Sure she took a few miles of dick, but Sayu is wife material.

You're telling me you'll say "No"?
It's not a harem.

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Is the that the ratio of success she's had with men?

Where do you get this image of my wife? Delet it user

Second episode already had to make it clear that the junior at work as well as Gotou were in love with the self-insert, and Sayu was very doting on him.
No reason given why and it was highly implausible but harem gonna harem.
At least in D.L. it isn't een really a harem but more so variety mistreatment porn. They aren't in love with Yui, except maybe Ayato though he's just possessive, they just found food to play with.

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Get her tested for STDs and sure.

never. get away from me whore

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What if she tests positive for love?

just a love triangle with the MC already choosing Sayu over the other two. A harem will have us guessing who he'll end up with. In Higehiro's case, it's well established by the end of the first episode who wins.

Come on guys, didn't she run away for like six months? If she stayed with each man for like 3-7 days thats between 30-60 men. That isn't even a slut, it's basically average for college freshmen.

Call it what you like; it's a super unorthodox definition but you do you.
The point is that three people fall in love with him very quickly for absolutely no purpose in the plot and incredulously.

You put a ring on her finger.

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she slept with at least 30 men, maybe even more.
3/10 is the best I can give you.

your blackpilled cuckold fever dream has no power here

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Boss never fell in love with Yoshida. Hell she rejected him 10 minutes into the show. The kouhai did, but her subplot was to push Yoshida closer to Sayu.

Just because there's multiple people liking the MC doesn't automatically make it a Harem anime. A harem anime focuses on the relationship of the MC with multiple girls at once, and he has difficulty choosing which one.

In Higehiro's case, it's just simply drama and romance.

I would be incredibly suspicious of a girl I just picked up from an alley that would want to have sex on the first night she stayed at my place. I would probably sleep with a weapon under my pillow.