Sex with ZZ

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sex with ZZ

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Isn't that the same girl she mindbroke with her fists?

Sex with Keno

'Infinite Magic' also harbors infinite lust.

More like infinite bosom if you catch my drift

So what the fuck is Surshana doing right now?

Being dead.

What would Satoru do if Keno was kidnapped by bandit Brain and mercilessly raped by him until she was mindbroken into loving him?

No shit he’s undead, but where is he?

Keno would turn Brain and his bandit goons into mush like the weaklings they are.

Keno isn't doing shit with her worthless Sage levels. Brain is a (mostly) focused swordsman on level 30. Her level isn't all that higher anyways.

If ZZ had those extra 12 levels, would she had been able to go toe to toe with Mare, or maybe even beat him?
Or would being Lv100 not be enough because of a shit build and inferior equipment?

if she knew about PVP tactics she could beat him once

Her build was too fucked to really make up the difference. She needed to make better use of her levels and she also just lacked experience against foes equal to or stronger than herself.

whats her build?

could a fresh Elf King be able to defeat Zeshi? What if he discovered she was his daughter?

I'm really curious how the BSC's build is going to look, or at I hope Maru shows us it anyways.
Being 15 years old, and in the lv.60-70 ballpark means that he either is genius that really went hard in the combat professions, or he has a ton of shitty levels doing mundane things like being a choir boy or something.


gentler than with a stranger I presume

I mean he had a pretty tough elemental summon right? That might be more than what Zesshi can handle unless she uses her Trump cards.

he raped her mother so maybe not

>Fight Elf King
>Kill his summon, but he finishes you off
>He impregnates you
>Forced to mother the child of your father
>Teach your daughter to get revenge for you
>Endless cycle