Precure may have /m/ elements again but it will always be here for us

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kome's show soon too

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Is he going to kindly talk his way into the DP cure's holes?

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>this dumb fucking shit is supposed to be the new general
DP just keeps finding new ways to disappoint you, huh. It's really doing its damndest to wrestle the title of "worst precure season ever" from doki and hacha.

Reminder that Happiness Charge was one of the best seasons

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Yeah, just look how edgy the people who don't like it are.

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I love Laura.

Prove it, post a single Precure image

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Could Hikaru and Hana fit in each other's clothes?

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We all do my dear

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Why do they think theyre going to corrupt her

One of the greatest kig edits in existence

Why was kig lovely so lewd

Some kigs really enjoy their job

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Hana and Hikaru are asking the audience to help Nodoka reach one ten billion yen (at the box-office) with Miracle Leap (the movie). Hana is literally asking the fans to help Nodoka become the "ten billion yen woman".
Hinata and Chiyu then picture Nodoka as a super femme fatale celebrity and are vehemently opposed to it.

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Oh that explains it, thank you mucha

Wait the girl who wear doki school uniform on the lest isn't a kig.

Spiritoru better do this at least once or I'm gonna be very disappoint.

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I used to not have impure thoughts about the cures, recently that changed.
I wonder what happened...