How would you fix isekai?

How would you fix isekai?
Personally, I am sick of them summoning heroes and then betraying the heroes after they complete their mission.
Not the betrayal itself, but the protags need to be horror movie victim levels of retard to not notice it.

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If authors didn't drag for decades in order to conclude a story that would be nice.

On top of my head, all fantasy/isekai I ever happened to know about hasn't ended yet, why won't they fucking end already??

No harems, no vidya stats. That's a widespread quality boost already.

no vidya mechanics

Go to a more advanced world and is seen as a primative. Kept in a zoo like setting where people toss food and gawk at the savage.

A lot notice it, rather, its half and half.
I'd wish more isekai actually stuck with their "specific power" gimmick rather than making the main character generically OP after 2 chapters.

>no harem
>no OP character
>no dumb and dense MC
>no meta jokes
>no meta knowledge
>no OP magic abilities from any entity
>no hero party / demon lord / church bad
>definitely no school

Isekai a group of protagonists like in the fionavar tapestry or narnia rather than just one. Less chance of the story turning into a boring power fantasy.

Primitive isekai with ooga boogas

Has been done before. One of them becomes OP and the rest either live in his shadow or get butchered.

Scifi horror. I'd take rezero in space at this point. You'd think with all the video game bullshit someone would base shit off of something like dead space or system shock.

Okay, then my proposed fix for the isekai genre is 'competent writing.' But we know that will never happen.

same way i'd fix every thing wrong with anime

big fat futa cock

Is isekai going to die like mecha?

Give actual reasons for acquired abilities and powerups rather than asspulls.

>Your typical Any Forumsposter
>Tries to summon a succubus because perma-virgin
>Reverse-summon-no-jitsu-fuckup because incompetent
>Ends up in fantasy world
>No powers or abilities, still has dellusions of grandeur
>Ends up destitute and homeless
>Begs noble woman for food, mistaken for rapist/thief
>Ends up as indentured servant,
>Forced in to hard labour with other slaves
>Slowly gets fitter as hard labour=exercise
>Gets used to talking to real people because slavr house no phone/Internet.
>No longer fat because not eating junk food.
>Acne clears up because working outdoors in sunshine
>Years later he enjoys the meaning of a hard days work
>Finally release from slavery
>Thanks the lady who was responsible for his imprisonment,
>Walks off in to the horizon a real man with the strength of will to carry himself and forge his own destiny.

do it in irl and let me go to a fantasy world with magic and futa catgirls where hunting goblins (JEWS) is socially acceptable

Actually depict the psychological impact and dangers of being abruptly sent to another world rather than shitting out another wish-fulfillment summer camp with no stakes or tension.

>that all happens within the first 10 minutes as a gag montage
>the rest of the story is him building a harem as a construction worker

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More isekais that involve going back and forth, like inuyasha.

I wish more would try isekai with a scifi take. Fantasy is extremely over done. We need more mech isekai.

So like Samurai Jack?

I was thinking more reverse isekai. Like fantasy characters ending up in the modern world.

>My half-orc barbarian office worker can't be this cute!

i want a game isekai that actually takes place in a game instead of a completely real world that just happens to look like a game
he enjoys it for the first while since its fun, he can abuse exploits to get infinite money, everyone likes him because hes the main character, etc
but eventually he starts to get really annoyed at how fake everyone is
prewritten lines of dialogue, not actually responding to whatever he says, only to the prewritten answers
the series ends when the main characters electricity gets shut off because he hasnt been around to pay the bill

>no OP character

Worst case is that the MC dies rather quickly, best case is that the MC winds up as a peasant or someone else equally unimportant and accomplishes nothing for their entire life. There has to be some kind of leverage, even if it's just autistic memory of an encyclopedia, by which MC can change the isekai world significantly there's no plot.

The sequel:
>Working on a farm, has friends and a potential love interest who know nothing about his previous life
>Demons invade!
>Apparently humans broke the peace treaty
>Drafted in to war
>Sees the horrors in his first battle as others are cut down around him
>Hides under a corpse
>Promptly found by the enemy because of lingering smell of magic
>Realises he's the reason so many are dead
>Turns out his attempts to summon a succubus weren't unnoticed and forbidden
>Begs demon King for forgivness,
>Demon king understands but penance must be paid
>Tortured and enslaved again
>Final punishment, sent back to his original world
>Back in his old room,
>The sun is shining outside and he's got a few concerned e-mails from real world friends because they haven't heard from him in a while
>Ignores them because the first thing he wants to do is check what he missed on Any Forums while he was away...........

Just have some drama around the people he meets and make him slightly luckier than average and you are ok.

>Becomes a better person
>Reverts first opportunity
At least it is realistic you sick bastard

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