How was this amount of concentrated failure allowed to happen?

How was this amount of concentrated failure allowed to happen?

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It's just as shit as everything else Anno has ever produced. Grow up.

they'll take anything that keeps the merch train moving
literally anything

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Look, even if you think the original show's plot and character arcs were self indulgent shit, the animation and choreography had weight. Making the Evas CGI makes all the fight scenes look genuinely terrible, especially when both movies don't justify their run times with massive stretches where functionally nothing happens. There's nothing here worth watching unless you want to see Rei plant rice.

Non-meme answer.

1. Anno's needless desire to create something "unique" ended up sabotaging the Rebuilds post-timeskip.
2. Anno got burnt out and didn't actually want to make 3.0+1.0, but still did it due to overwhelming fan demand.
3. Anno wants Evangelion to be the new Gundam, so he needed an excuse to create a "modern" Eva franchise to jumpstart Studio Khara.

That's about it. Everything the Rebuilds tried to do, Sadamoto did better in the manga. I'm not even a huge fan of the manga.

yeah anno gets bored too easily, and sat with it for too long. needed it to be shiny and new to keep his attention, even though that short-term novelty kept undermining the over-arching semblance of a cohesive whole.
i kinda like 3.0 for being weird but the timeskip makes the first two movies almost irrelevant. a waste of potential.

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Anno's lack of inspiration with the Rebuilds is really what killed it. 1.0 was just a safe test-bed to get investors investing in Studio Khara. But afterwards was just him fucking around with different ideas, and failing to keep a cohesive story, hence why 3.0+1.0 just ends with a cop-out "This movie is about ending Evangelion" in a meta sense. It really felt like the studio didn't have a choice but to go for that kind of ending, since anything better would require a complete rewrite of the Rebuilds.

If its any consolation (or not), the next Studio Khara project seems to be some kind of prequel film that takes place between 2.0 and 3.0, but honestly, the Rebuilds are so fucked beyond belief that I don't think a prequel film will solve it.

Yeah at this point I’m kinda like ‘who gives a shit?’ It still ends the way it does, so there’s no fixing that. Also with it being Anno I’m undecided whether to expect a sort of olive branch or for him to try deliberately antagonizing the fans with the project.

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No you didn’t. You’re just saying that to MAKE ME MAD!

The rebuilds were tolerable up to the first half of 3.0+1.0. The last movie should've just ended in the village sequence and had no 4th Impact nonsense.

the village was great on a superficial level, except that all the character development went to somebody that just fucking dies halfway thru and none of it happens to the main character who then has to get psychologically deus ex machina'd offscreen to finish off the tetralogy real quick.

I actually kind of liked 3.0, the whole thing with Shinji's dad fighting him in his own Eva unit was cool. The whole backstory about the Dad just being another Shinji stuck in his own spiral because of his wifes death was pretty good.

3.0 is the best out of all of these, except for the gay pandering. I laughed very hard when the gay horses appeared. Holy shit what were they smoking
And you are wrong in all of those, except for Anno wanting to whore Eva out even more with Gundam tier AUs.
The real reason why he changed his mind for what he wanted 3.0 and 3.0+1.0 to be was that the Tsunami made him realize he wanted to use his movies for commentary about that. He changed it all to be about "glorious nippon community" and "getting over a traumatizing event that may or may not have killed your loved ones" and that's the reason. If you know how things, especially media, worked after that natural disaster you would see it all over 3.0+1.0
And it's also the main reason why Anno said that all of Eva and this movie is made for the Japanese only in that amazon interview

>The whole backstory about the Dad just being another Shinji stuck in his own spiral because of his wifes death was pretty good.
What if I told you this is the exact same plot of the original anime? The only "new" thing about that in Rebuild were the Kill la Kill references in the Eva fights and some new flashy lights here and there

Because big popularity spike when anime was hated made it the big talk when anime was accepted, simple really


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3.0 is the worst out of all of these, except for the gay pandering, FTFY

Yes failure because Anno wanted those 10 billion in a week just like other anime movies do. He had to beg people to go watch it and also gave out free limited time shit to get people interested

Anno knows the right people in the industry

I think 3.33 was the first time in my relatively long life that I felt like a creator has just pissed into my eyeballs and then thrown salt into my eyeballs