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New anime coming.

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marry and nakadashi and impregnate all of them

So am I.

The U149s have a new cute member!

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That short tall Yayoi will molest you!

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Do you even leave Any Forums, or even sleep? Are you a bot?

I only sleep for 4 hours at a time.

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It always baffle me people who sleep so little, I sleep more than 9 hours and still not feel good enough to post as much as you.

It's an alcoholic thing. You wake up when you get sober.

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sad. Stop drinking pedofriend. Nipah~

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delirium tremens. I will have them again if I cease. But I love idols so lets talk about them!

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I love children so much.

OKay. miki > iori

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Yes. Your flat anal tsunderie get mogged by delicious Miki.

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How old are they again?

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I bet you haven't even heard the music album that Miki made with Iori pleb.
They are both 15 but Miki is like 2 months younger.

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Stop trying to have a 24/7 general

Nah I don't actually watch idol anime they are bad. Except zombie land saga, and love live s1, and akb0048...and may be other I forgetting.
>both 15
So, I'm the most pedo here? Shit. Anyway I'm going to sleep, have a good night.

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Fuck off kid.

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Yes. But why's the center girl not inculded in the pic?

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Dragon Ball has a general. What's the problem?

>I don't watch idol anime they are bad, except for these ones I watched that are worse than [email protected]

can any [email protected] help me find a studio version of this song?

Fuck off verty, /@/ has been in /vg/ for 8 years now, you can't have generals here.

Not an [email protected] song I believe.

i know it's from masami okui because an album i downloaded years ago, but it's listed as an [email protected] song, which is why i'm curious on where it was featured

I so happy! They animated my wife Kiyora!

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All idols should be busty and mature

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I've been in the [email protected] threads since 2011. I laugh at your 8 years kid. You know Colorful Days? No, you don't, but I cleaned and typeset that. As well as some doujins. What have you done for [email protected]?

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Even the captcha understands my current situation

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How are Love Live and ZLS bad?