What's the correct thing to do in this situation?

What's the correct thing to do in this situation?

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Turn her into a semen container

Download a file recovery program to see if there's anything that can be salvaged.

Not even exaggerating. If someone would delete my creative folder that contains art and shit I spend ages working on the result would be death. I would also assume that it was done on purpose so there would be some stabbings before I drag her out and throw her onto the tracks of the train that passes in front of my house.
Would probably even do that if it was my fanart folder. It contains 300k pics it took years to collect that shit.
Hell I would even do it if it was savegames if it was for games I spent a lot of time on.

This is so badly drawn that I have to assume it's a korean webshit comic.

Your fault for not having backup for everything retard

not letting some rando use your computer at all.
only lend a spare on which there is nothing but the bare minimum software.
you do have multiple pc right?

This. No matter what you have on your computer, the answer to someone asking if they can use your computer is "no".

Well it was a what if question. Realistically nobody would even have a chance of doing it, I don't invite people and I have a password to be sure.
I would also never fucking let anybody touch my PC ESPECIALLY not while I am not observing them. PCs are full of fap shit some whore has no right to look into private shit that's none of her business. If they tried it I would smash their shitty phones before they could do shit.

Fucking this.
You don't owe people shit and nothing can be that urgent. And if they really need access they can charge their phone or go to a neighbour. I would never even lend my PC to my best friends.

>delete a guy's porn folder
>make it up to him by shooting porn selfies of yourself
Guessing that's the premise of your pic, OP.
Anyway, most coomers back their shit up so it's only a few weeks or months of hoarding that's lost. It can all be torrented again with minimal fuss.

Restore a backup and then move my porn folder out of the fucking recycle bin

Are these characters supposed to be liked by the audience?
Is this some femnazi comic? You have to be mentally ill if you think that character is funny or anything.

>tmw the porn folder is nothing but black women related porn

If some roastoid so much as touches my computer I will beat her to death

>If someone would delete my creative folder that contains art and shit I spend ages working on the result would be death.
So if an individual does it, you'd become a murderer.
But when a corporation does it (Seagate), you become an hero.


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This is genuinely sad, you're an actual coombrain.

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>he doesn't do yearly backups that he encrypts and buries in the woods just incase

Recover from your backup.

user, that's not how this works.

Normal non schizo people don't make backups

Normal people don't deserve mentioning.

>noo not muh pictures!
Kek they dont even exist nigga they are just electrical signals like who cares lmao

Normal people don't even download porn

Then they cry about losing all their shit. Many such cases.