One Piece

Why is Kaido so forgettable?

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"I, SLURPji-sama, OKAMA of the Grand Line humbly kneel to:

Luffy-sama, the pirate king and my master.

Zoro-sama, my one and only true love and other master.

Jimbei-sama, who I shall never become stronger than.

Ichiji-sama, who my daddy warned me about.

Nami-sama, who achieved conqueror’s haki before I did

King-sama, who easily manhandled me in my raid suit.

Vergo-sama, who anally raped me and first awakened my wish to become an analslut sissy.

Kalifa-sama, who beat the shit out of me so hard I started being attracted to femdom almost as much as I am attracted to men.

Katakuri-sama, whose incomparabily forceful punches crushed my ass-womb entirely to the point I cannot bear Zoro-sama's children anymore like I wished to.

Doflamingo-sama, whose hour-long beatings gave me uncontrollable orgasms so massive even the anal rape from Zoro-sama can't compare.

Judge-sama, for everything I have done is because of him.

Linlin-sama, whose power I am scared of. "

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You have a bad memory.

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He's not.

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>the upcoming arc features both the Cross Guild and the revolutionaries
>at the very least we will get both Crocodile's and Dragon's backstories as we head to the final war
just saying there's time to jump on the crocomom train

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stop spamming the same shit retarded DBS spic

I want Zoro to fuck me in the ass.

Meanwhile in the cage

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What about Maria?

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Considering odas feitsh for puns i unironically except that Ims actual name is Im D King or some shit

Give us more canon Uta you hack!

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Get out here Flurpza!

i do not like sanji

this would be a cute image if they didn't make Maria and Robin jewish

We know zorofag

We know Oda

Trust us, we know, you dont have to spam for us to get it

is it because you got BTFO'D last thread?

Post Cute and Canon

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Sure, whatever you say Zoro

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King and Queen of One Piece!

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Do we even know why he knew about Joyboy?

No backstory, he's basically just a walking collection of sun tzu quotes and not much else.

So do you like the Island Princess archetype?

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Why's his bounty higher then?

Based as fuck

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King told him, don't speedread even if Wano is a garbage arc.

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Would be alright if there wasn't one every other fucking island.

>cute femdom gf
Luffy is so lucky

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No, those are Luffy and Nami, King and Queen were two of Kaido's calamities

Ah, Crocomom, my beloved.

>break week

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I want to eat Vivi’s fat ass

Yeah this time Oda won't just do a couple of outside world hype chapters followed by a huge arc about saving a Kingdom with a hot Princess I can feel it this is the one

Why is Your Mothers snatch so loose?

It came to him in a dream
Just like how Roger knew that Red Poneglyphs lead to Laugh Tale before he found a translator

why did dressrosa had 2 princesses?

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>King told him
How are you gonna call him a Speedreader when you’re a speedreader yourself? When Kaido first met King, he saved him from that government facility, and then it jump cuts to them having a conversation about Joyboy with Kaido saying, “You think I’m Joyboy!?” which would imply that Kaido already had some knowledge regarding the legend.

because a real princess is virgin

One for Doffy to use and one for Kyros to keep pure


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user that jump cut takes place over years, they're sitting on Onigashima at that point.

Zero actual integrity and coherent goals as an antagonist.

i dont buy the mom thing but im definitely on board of croco-chan
Or at the very least him having a girly face before asking ivankov for a facial surgery

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Tama is the final SH.

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Usopp is the final strawhat, he quits and rejoins again

Why marines did not try to blackmail SHats by capturing their loved ones

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Let's hope for Sanji's sake she did not encounter any blonde guy on her way to the reverie

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Because of this.

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Spoilers for 1059 when

Because Kaidou had no actual character. He was all over the place. He was this suicidal mad man at first, no wait, he is now the most evil character in the series that enslaved a country for 20 years and killed 10s of thousands, no wait, he now has this daughter that he apparently doesn't care about at all, wait now he is actually this honorable warrior that just wanted a good fight, no wait, he is this guy that just wants to fight Joyboy. His character never really had a clear direction. Plus all he did was swing his club and his dragon form was completely useless.

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>Garp go capture yourself and the revolutionary 2nd in command

NTA but it’s never implied that King was the one who told him about Joyboy at all.

I can't wait any longer

Character you most want to take a platonic, nonlewd, no hanky panky bath with?


Because he has Benn Beckman, the smartest man in the world
Grooming Luffy to be the perfect vessel for Nika AKA Joyboy? Benn's plan
Engineering the situation where Ace hates Roger and becomes WB's son instead? Benn's plan

Sanji Black Coc fire soon...........

Personally I'd rank Ulti as one of the best characters, because she's one of the rare antagonists who has a perfectly noble and selfless motivation, better than her own captain in fact, but I am also just a huge sucker for sibling dynamics in storytelling

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I actually believe in the theory that Kaido was on his way to help Whitebeard fight the World Government and Shanks lied. Why would Kaido try to get in the way of a giant war from happening when that's exactly what he wants?

The Marines have a sense of honor if nothing else

Alright hotshot how'd he learn it? We have two fucking scenes of Kaido and King talking about Joyboy so if it wasn't King then who?

Old Uta.

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Has oda problem with drawing swords?

I cant count the amount of times where Zoros and Mihawk swords changed size and shape


No, they're all liars

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That’s the point. Oda fucked up.


Yeah, he may have also been on much better terms with Whitebeard from their Rocks years than he was with Linlin

Press S to spit on this slut

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Zoro is the coolest.

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Why are Yamatroons like this?

Or you're just retarded and don't know what Occam's razor is.

I know you're trolling, but Ussop would never quit again after post-enies lobby

Yeah I'll admit that is a better edit, good job

>4 ex warlords are top 10 all time bounties with Mihawk and Buggy being Top 3 current bounties

>All 5 of the updated ones have Billion+ bounties

>the rest are likely to be at least 1B+

How are we feeling Shishibukaibros?

Nami? The strongest.

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>Sanji serving drinks DROPPED
>robin holding the newspaper upstairs- Suddenly She's downstairs holding cotton candy
Hacks full of inconstancies


post scribbles

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Now this is Sanjispam I can actually get behind

Crew is FULL
Monster Trio is FULL
CoC Trio is FULL
Robin's womb is FULL

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Nami? Sits on my chairface.


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Post ts Zoros so cool he circles back into being boring. Sanji on the other hand has moments of strength, but also of weakness, due to his beliefs and flaws, but also the situation the story presents him, learning from these tough moments

his battle vs luffers was doodoo
wano is guano

Tama? Nakama

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