Ganbare Douki-chan

It's time for the company barbeque! Don't forget to kiss the cook

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>He has eyes
What the fuck is this abomination?

Douki-kun has pretty eyes, would marry

All-for-One looking motherfucker

How many events does their company have? It seems like they have a company picnic or Team Building Day every month.

Made for SEX

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Can't forget the very important company beach trip

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>kouhai is dressed in a graceful feminine dress and sunhat
>intern is dressed in a hip, fresh outfit
>douki is wearing a boring, bland outfit

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this frankly

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Douki ugly and a shit

He had eyes looking at the cat too. They looked similarly ikemen-ish

How am I supposed self insert?

>the girls were all lusting after a boring self-insert because he actually has pretty eyes
what a twist

why is she so thin now? did he start tracing different models?

why is she so thirsty?

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Biological clock telling her it's time to take the cock

Fuck OLs

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Piping hot and toasty