She inarguably did the right thing

She inarguably did the right thing.

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She did not commit any wrongdoings.

Yes she wants madoka to be her girlfriend

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There's literally nothing about her actions or decisions that lends the impression that what she did was morally wrong on any level except that her powers and attitude look all evil and scary and stuff to a twelve year old maybe.
"Homura did nothing wrong" is a meme precisely because it's so blatantly obvious as incredibly simple and straightforward as the plot of the entire series is, there's zero moral quandary about it and almost anyone who tries to make it seem like there is by arguing that her actions were "evil" is most likely just attempting to stimulate some discussion for a long dead series that none of the original staff even wants to work on anymore.

tl;dr Homu did nothing wrong

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She literally doesn't even understand what Madoka wants so no, she did wrong big time. Don't worry, Sayaka will fix her mistakes in the new movie.

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You're either based or just trolling the mob. I hope it's the former.

>giving anyone moral advice
Get back to me when she can live up to her own standards.

Her very existence is a wrongdoing,
so she would've had to have rid the world of herself instantly
to have even begun to do the right thing.

Don't falseflag as a Sayakafag. You will die by the blade.

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>being a Sayakafag
>thinking Homu did nothing wrong
No, I am the real Sayakafag here.

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Madoka's plan was fundamentally flawed. Homura corrected those flaws.

Homura did what Madoka wanted. Madoka did not say “You're free from your promise now”, she said “It's too early to give up.”

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Based? On this board? I never thought it’d be possible.

>She literally doesn't even understand what Madoka wants so no
She clearly does, she just rightfully decided that Madoka sacrificing herself for everyone else when she doesn't have to was pointless.

Madoka's plan was not flawed, while Homura's new world is flawed both in its existence and in the way she went about making it.

Homu did do something wrong. Homu is literally doing the one thing Madoka wanted, which is to choose on her own.

Homu stopped Madoka's free will

Madoka's sacrifice was basically pointless. Even in her new world, the Magical Girl system still exists. These girls are still being offered a Faustian bargain that will, more likely than not, kill them before they see adulthood. Untold thousands of children offered up to the gaping maw of the universe. Though her primary goal was to save Madoka, of course, Homura also recognized that the Incubators needed to be stopped and that any "solution" that didn't do that was insufficient.

No, it was not pointless. The magical girl system still existing is the purpose, to keep the girls' wishes and the hope that they gave to other people and the world, without letting them turn into witches that cause suffering in proportion to the hope they gave.

According to Madoka herself Homura did nothing wrong.

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She did it all wrong.
But she did it all for Madoka, so it’s alright.

Sayaka gets cucked forever

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It's her own fault.

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Sayaka gets to live happily ever after with her girlfriend.

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Sayaka a baka