Baki Dou 132 waiting room

Chapter in ~12 hours...Right?
Kehaya and Doppo will fight eachother for the title of greatest jobber and you WILL like it

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Bro please let there be a chapter this week. Doppo will win. And the sumo jobbers will be completely wiped off the map.

Japanese chapter drops on Thursday, but we usually get Korean scans on Monday

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Welp, has all interest died down?

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doppo is the first station of the jobber train until jack.

I feel like we got monkey pawed by jack winning and then nothing happening for half a fucking year

This is just to hype up Doppo for when he fights Jack.

Yes itagaki suicided his manga by over playing his gay hand

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A bit more than 8 hours left. I'm off to sleep, hopefully this thread is alive by the time the leaks drop, though I'm not holding my breath

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Itagaki trolled the fuck out of his audience. He made people believe Jack was hijacking the arc, then he introduced the walking shitpost that is Kehaya for even more Sumo. I bet Kehaya is just filler until Sukune returns, that would be the cherry on top.

As long as Jack Dou ends up happening I will endure anything

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Itagaki is too distracted with fighting events in Japan. His MMA buddy is going to Floyd Mayweather Jr in an exhibition match in September so expect more breaks and filler story.

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I finally got into the Baki Manga and i just finished up Baki son of Ogre and man. I thought i grew out of manga but this whole arc kept im entertained from beginning to end even though Retsu's boxing stuff was kind of boring. Im shocked at how much Yujiro actually loves Baki. This manga kicks ass.

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>Retsu's boxing stuff was kind of boring.
Skip it entirely. It amounts to nothing other than Retsu one-shotting Ussain Bolt off-screen and then announcing on tv that "yeah Chinese martial arts is better".

Besides of Jack this has been a kind of quiet year so far, any news on the anime?

0 inch punch is kino, fuck you

Who's one inch punch is better?

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I recently finished reading Baki. I just wonder one thing.

When the fuck is Mount Toba coming back?

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Retsu going "n-nigger-dono..." at Usain Bolt despite personally knowing guys like Baki, Oliva and Pickle was a damn rancid experience for me