Made in Abyss

Reminder than Reg x Faputa is the endgame. They will repopulate the abyss after the 2000 year cycle turn everyone else into eggs.

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>you will put a baby in Faputa this time sosu

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Reg x My cock is the only OTP

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Where does Riko fit into this?

Riko and Nanachi also exist for that purpose, as well as every other loli they meet on the way down. They are all to breed an immortal race of cyborg babies that will take over the surface.
You are not worthy.

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I'm not so sure about that.

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>deep sniff

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>tfw mitty is hiding in the credits for Dawn of the Deep Soul

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>xenoblade chronicles 3 ending temple.png
They will all die and moth is going to be the first one to go, the dumbass will be offed even more unceremoniously than vueko, to show off how dangerous are creatures of the final(?) layer or lyza or the underground laputarians.

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>They will all die and moth is going to be the first one to go
Glad to see Faputa is the Worf of Made in Abyss

>They will repopulate the abyss
Not only is Faputa not human, she's never even been human. She's also had the body of a 10 year old for 150 years. She's not repopulating shit.

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I love my wife Nanachi!

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Reg is for Riko only.

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Riko is Abysssexual


>tfw no made in abyss cooking game

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The abyss is a big vagina, after all. Big hole in the ground, you have to go in and conquer it. Stands to reason.


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>Reg is for Riko only
It’s over Riko cuck…

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I have a strong urge to want to send this to my friends but they won't get it until we meet up again to marathon the the second half of the show.

>Yakuza for Ozen
>Princess Maker for Bondrewd
>Overcooked for Wazukyan
What will Srajo's game of choice be?

>Could have had a delicious cat slut on Srajo's team
>we get some fat fuck instead
wtf Tsukushi

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>he can't handle the tum

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>hating nishagora
Fucking faggot