Name a series that fits this graph

Name a series that fits this graph.

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Boku no Pico


kill la kill

neon genesis evangelion



Attack on titan

A lot of them but Evangelion is the best example


Dr. Stone

Every pseudointelectual anime you can think of.
Miyazaki movies.
Also this.

Actual halfwits


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Eva is enjoyed by intellectuals and not the average men though, proof of which is that you didn't

>Eva is enjoyed by intellectuals
there's nothing more midwit than calling yourself an intellectual

Nah, daily NGE threads is a proof it's only liked by midwits who eat it up and can't shut up about it
Actuall intellectuals call it out on its flaws and moved on long ago

Unironically Umineko. The people I see praising it are people who are invested in the emotional element and overlook plot holes and otehr BS required for the bullshit story.

Shokugeki no Soma except the line goes below the line of the graph

Nobody using the word midwit is above even a halfwit and sure as fuck not ahead of the curve.

Steins Gate

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>using the word intellectual: good
>using the word midwit: bad


Death Note opposite would be Gantz

Nah both of you are retarded and no I will never use "nta"

>using the word halfwit: good
>using the word midwit: bad
it's average little faggots like you acting like they're different who really irk me

This thread.


A midwit made this chart.

>Main character hates his dad for abandoning the family to follow his dream of exploring space
>Happily ever after ending is where Tanabae gives up on her dreams to be a single mother while her husband abandons his family to persue his dreams of flying around space like his father who he hated for doing this

>Final chapter has terrorists threaten to create so much debris around Earth that space flight is impossible
>Thye complain that space exploration is unfair and that you should help poor countries on Earth first
We literally had the space programme get opposed by people demanding more welfare money. Single moms give us criminals, space gave us satallites improving communication and allowing us to udnerstand and predict the weather. Fuck the commies continue the space race.

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