It's true

It's true.

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Not in his case since he have Avalon

Fate is full of truths.

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Shirou gives it back to Saber in this route.

This is worded way wrong but somehow it still made perfect sense.

no one dies in fate

Just because you're correct doesn't mean you're right

English sub says corpse.
Japanese sub says body in German instead???

But did he actually said that in the VN?

Nasu is a hack

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I remember Rin saying it in the UBW route in the VN, so probably.

I don't speak german but if the german term comes from the latin word corpus then it can mean both body and corpse depending on context

Maybe Rin means a celestial body rather than a malfunctioning meat sack?

>Only watch the first Fate/Stay Night TV series
What's the difference between Unlimited Blade Works and Gate of Babylon?

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Fate is bad. Really bad.

Incredibly, in german the word loses any further contextual meaning and it's just body so it might actually be a bad translation into english. A native german speaker might be able to give a better explanation

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UBW should be Rin's route from VN

K├Ârper means body. Leiche means corpse.

No it doesn't. German word for corpse is die Leiche.

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People was still alive before die.

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The Fate franchise is full of ""wisdom"", huh?
Can't believe people watch this shit unironically

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