I'm only on volume 8 of this so I cannot claim to be able to produce a definitive opinion but I find this aggressively...

I'm only on volume 8 of this so I cannot claim to be able to produce a definitive opinion but I find this aggressively mediocre and not at all "genre defining" or a "masterpiece" like it is claimed it be. I can only describe the pace as hectic and the character development as superficial—I do not care about any of the hunters bar power. All the twists and deaths are horribly telegraphed which tends to defuse tension. The only thing I find mildly compelling is the design and lore around the devils and their powers, but I find this wholly inferior to, for example, dorohedoro. Does it get better?

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Not your blog.
>hasn't read CSM already
Go the fuck back, wherever you came from.

Fujimoto is an overrated hack, don't fall for the memes

Sounds like it's just not for you, the hectic pacing of chainsaw man can be off-putting, at times it feels like shit is going too fast and I haven't had the time to give a damn about it.

Also, since you said you prefer Dorohedoro I'm going to assume you are a fan of strange and bizarre worldbuilding, and consistent cast of character that get fleshed out more as the story goes, and I'd say chainsaw man is not this, few characters get true focus but I do like the ones that do,the setting has the potential to be interesting it hasn't reach too deep into it. It becomes a little more flesh out near the end but not at the same scale as dorohedoro or hxh

I'd say you finish up the first part at least, while a lot of people praise the trip to hell as one of the best arcs of the manga, my favorite parts comes after. Since you find the deaths to be telegraphed you probably will have an idea of the type of story beats that will come but I think's it's an interesting resolution

Also, you have like two fucking volumes left, just read them. That's like 30 minutes more. C'mon man.

Manga was always overrated, not good, not bad, just a bland Shounen but with lots of gore and deaths

He's overrated, but you could argue that anything remotely popular is overrated. He's got some strengths but he's far from a perfect author.

What irks me about his praise is how much he draws from cinema, his pace tends to be hectic because that's how an action movie would go at times. Feels a bit lackluster when he's just doing it for the hell of it

>you could argue that anything remotely popular is overrated
Classic Any Forums contrarian retard mentality that infected Any Forums in the recent years.

Hype kills everything and it always has. CSM is good but you have missed the times when you could read it without all the hype. AKA it was a masterpiece in 2020.
That said, If you want to read a timeless masterpiece, I suggest you read Fire Punch.

>"genre defining" or a "masterpiece" like it is claimed it be.
Nobody does that outside of trolls, please stop believing everything you read online for your own good.

Why are people so reliant on hype to enjoy things? You don't need validation from others to know what you like or not.

Too be contrarian is too be human. You can be talking to the most generic person alive, who only watches the most mainstream media available to him and he'll somehow think of himself as a contrarian, or rebel of sorts, who enjoys "things that aren't for everyone" and doesn't get the hype about "something he perceives as popular"

Everyone feels so goddamn unique for not liking the Fortnite and or the MCU, it's just that Any Forums won't shut up about it

I expect the same. Was never interested in reading it but will look into the anime, maybe the good animation and voices will make it work for me. The upcoming season looks like shit anyway and there are only three shows I will start anyway.

It's garbage, redditors like are the only ones shilling this shit

You're not alone, CSMfags are just everywhere here and they have succeeded SnKtards as the worst fanbase on the board, being obnoxious tards constantly gagging on Fujimoto's cock. Its a good series but it is tiresome to hear about all the time, even if its mostly over-the-top shit/baitposting.

>Too be contrarian is too be human
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This post speaks for itself.

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It's a lot of Zoomers first edgy manga, so they suck it off like its high art the same way millennials did with Elfen Lied

You literally write like a retarded 6th grader. Don't blame me. Also:
How about you go back to r*ddit, facebook or your YouTube comments to jerk it to nip YA aimed at 14 year olds.

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