Romance series

>Romance series
>She straight up tells him that are destined to fuck in the first chapter
>The side characters have better relationship building
>nothing happens.
>The end.

This failed and even B Gata H Kei pulled the trigger. What the fuck?

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Leaving drugs after years if not decades of usage fucks up your creativity

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Well, B Gata H Kei was actually based and funny unlike this shitty manga about drooling fetish

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isn't this girlfriend X? that's a NTR story not romance

My first girlfriend in junior High, who was a huge nerd, was going around with a pair of scissors and slapped me once.

Only when I read that shit did I recall that she was reading it at the time, and I realized how deep her autism went.

Bittersweet memories.

You have aspergers. Ueshiba riichi understands what makes women and relationships appealing. The last couple of volumes of the manga and particularly this panel in the last chapter were a statement on how they had reached that part of their relationship already. Them having sex is not some sort of important detail or milestone that had to have been reached or otherwise the manga was pointless, it was an inevitably, which as a result made it a boring concept, a permanent stage of their relationship that once reached would make it less special. He spells this idea out constantly in the manga. He did not "fail to deliver" the sexual aspect of the relationship, he made an argument that the buildup to that phase was more vulnerable, interesting, attractive, and meaningful. The relationship they had was already at that point. And that's if you choose not to interpret them exchanging drool as sex. I don't understand how so many people managed to miss the point with this manga, it's my favorite. You have to be stupid to think that the side characters have better relationship building, purposefully missing the meaning of the story.

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You have what I call "midwitness"
This manga is fucking dumb and his other manga about MC who wanted to fuck his mom is fucking dumb too
Stop trying to rationalize lazy bait manga like these two

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Did You fuck her??

He's here with us so obviously not

Not an argument.

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We were 13 so no. I did it with my HS sweetheart, sorry to disappoint you.

Ok but listen up:
Idol arc was retarded

Pretty much this. The manga portrayed their relationship really well without the tropes people beg for with other romance manga. I haven't read it in years but I do remember the spit bond becoming a bit dull and more of a daily pattern to Tsubaki instead of a sign of love, and it's something you never really see within other manga. Your pic related is also the perfect example of their relationship sort of dulling after they've gotten so used to each other.

What's stupid about it? The a major theme in the series is how Tsubaki isn't wrong to be lustful, Urabe gets mad initially but in the rest of the manga she's supportive and does what she can to make him lust for her rather than sublimate his desires, a very good message that many other manga have the wrong idea about (the idea of males deserving punishment for their natural behavior). That arc is the epitome of this idea, she is able to even challenge an idol for the position of Tsubaki's lust. It's a wonderful arc that maybe went on a bit longer than it should have.
I don't know how half of the people on Any Forums who read it managed to miss it when they verbalize this idea several times, especially the chapter where Tsubaki decides he doesn't want to advance their relationship yet because they still have time to do so and Urabe is happy. These people are demanding the dull aspects of the relationship rather than appreciating the parts that Ueshiba Riichi chose to show us.

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It was a standout among romantic stories and very well written, with a very interesting if I'm guessing partially accidental progression with their relationship, and the way Urabe comforted Tsubaki in the final arc was very heartwarming but they still should have kissed.

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It's my favorite, no one else gets it like Ueshiba Riichi, he understands what is appealing about a relationship. It's the most genuine approach to a relationship I've seen of any romance manga. He includes every aspect, like the embarrassing desire for control, and makes it cute.

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seriously what does it matter if he actually draws them having sex retard, it's not just implied, it's shown as inevitable that they will have sex in the future, you don't actually need to see it.

"Chekhov was a liberal faggot. Case Closed."

The criticism about them not having sex being bad is so stupid, there's so many other things he introduces that don't go anywhere like the nature of her supernatural ability, whether urabe is an alien, or what the meaning of the doll tied to urabe's head is, but instead you focus about this one specific scene.

Well, the rest of that we can excuse as Riichi sobering up.

Because it's like a cherry on top, it encapsulates everything that is wrong with this manga