Is it true Japanese people think Anime and Cartoons are indistinguishable from each other?

Is it true that the Japanese see no diference between western cartoons and the Anime they produce? I think is extremelly intellectually dishonest, but knowing how they handle socially themselves, their desire to not offend anyone specially foreigners makes them outright lie and see this as a virtue.

Otherwise I cannot comprehend it, is like saying you can't tell between night and day, big or small, wet or dry, wtf is going on in their minds? Alternatively, is a fucking myth Americans perpetuate so they won't feel sad from the litteral trash they produce.

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Are you lost, Any Forumsckroach?

They call it 海外アニメ. No they don't think it's the same.

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For the Japanese: They call it Honne/tatemae, is a way of turning Hypocrisy in to diplomace, to persevere the overall cordiality and peace SPECIALLY with foreigners that come just to visit or business

For Americans: is a way to cope, "yeah bro Chowder is totally an Anime like the Simpsons" to make them feel valid

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アニメ is a Japanese word that means animation.
Anime is an English word that means Japanese animation.
This is not rocket surgery.

that's just PR talk, it happens in the daily life of Japanesse life, it has all to do to avoid confict, what says is correct.

I've seen shit like "American anime," "French anime," etc. Like literally アメリカのアニメ or similar when posting in Japanese for other Japanese speakers.

I don't think this at all implies "indistinguishable from each other" though, just that in Japan "anime" is used more generally the way the word "animation" is in English. Anyone who gives enough of a fuck about whatever show to be talking about most likely is aware of what country it originated from.

its a double edged sword, using Anime as an umbrella definition avoids conflict, but makes idiot westerners to think their low effort shows are as good (and valid) as the Japanese Anime ones.

anime is cartoons

No one goes around saying Amarican anime besides the Japanese nor do we say Japanese cartoon besides the uninformed and shitposters.

From my Mom's experience something like Hokuto no Ken isn't that much different from He-Man.
But the veil is harder to pierce with any human character design is anime. I can understand the confusion with Ben 10 but when talking about Justice League (either the 00s cartoon or the recent movies) I think it may be too far to say it looks like anime (That's speaking about still images, but in ways of animation I'd say both East and West are currently closer).

>Is it true that the Japanese see no difference between western cartoons and the Anime they produce?

Japanese people even have a term for ugly western styled stuff with its retarded big noses and stuff: バタ臭い

Anime style got rid of that shit for a reason.

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So you agree they look indistingushable form one another and took tha same effort and ability to make despide the obvious measurable differences?

Retarded Any Forumsckroach.

I think you might be misunderstanding something here
"Anime" is short for "animation". The Japanese call cartoons "anime" too because they are (obviously) animated. We adopted their loanword back as a loanword of our own for Japanese animation, because "cartoons" is too closely associated with children, and "Japanimation" was too stupid to catch on.
This doesn't mean that they can't see any difference between your saturday morning kids' shows and media intended for adults (or even teenager shounenshit): they just use the term generally and distinguish with place of origin as an adjective, instead of having entirely different words to distinguish them like we do.

>No one goes around saying Amarican anime besides the Japanese

Yeah, when I posted "American anime" that was what I meant: that it's Japanese speakers saying this in Japanese for other Japanese speakers. Never claimed it's something people actually say in English, except maybe creators of shows that try too hard to look like anime I guess.

That's a mentally ill anime-hater. Do not reply to it, just report and ignore. Anime fans fought long and hard to remove the stigma of cartoons from anime so it could be taken seriously as an artform and this subhuman wants to reattach it.

I wish more people knew about this, I am tired of the retardation going rampant right now in the west.

Sounds like the average HBO Max Subscriber, High Guardian Spice defender from Portland.

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What "Japanese animation" you newfag retard? These look like korean names to me.

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>I wish more people knew about this
Good post, educate the newfags Any Forumsnon.

In that case, I'd better start calling the USA "Mexico" too

Yes yes you made that post already.

>seething Any Forumsckroach

Don't like being called out for what you are?