I can't think of anything he did wrong

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Bowed to a tranny (Integra)

Integra is a lesbian. Not a tranny.

He didn't fuck his sired vampire, Seras

I will not tolerate this slander!

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>turned himself into a girl

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I always wondered who's body is this that Alucard uses? It isn't his because his original body that is briefly shown when he removes all resctrictions looks different.

It looks close to him. Different hairstyle, etc.

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He lost and became a slave, aside from that he did nothing wrong really, he was just following orders and a soldier can't do wrong when doing that.

He's also a shapeshifter so probably his own conceptualized version of who he is usually comfortable wearing. I'll wager he does it more for other people (relatable sense of identity) than himself. He could probably be a fog or a weird bird.

Maybe though it looks bit different

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Could Intergra take Seras if she wanted to?

i dunno, how big is seras' cock?

Seras and Integra are 100% women. Sorry, 4chuds.

So what

ok, but how big is her cock?

For me... It's the Captain.

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>last werewolf
>hyped as a force of nature
>alluded to being capable of going toe to toe with Alucard
>dies stabbed

Silver bro

Also he hated living and wanted to die.

Christian propaganda.

She's a shape changing vampire so it's probably as big or as small as she wants it to be

Implying you wouldn't if you had the power to