What if I've never seen this before? Should I watch it?

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No. It's Mary Sue horse shit.

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Yes, together with your sister.

Unironically one of the greatest love stories ever told. I don't even like incest.

Yes, excellent advice.

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Classic Kevin.

Ah, yes the anime that turned me into a wincestfag. Do it.

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I can't believe I read all that.

Yeah. It's a good show.

why do nips even do this to us

>hurr my sister is otaku
>durr i like her friend
>hurr cancel that let's break up
>durr awesome catfight amirite
It's the same old LN shit where the initial gimmick makes it interesting but quickly devolves into usual cliches and ham-fisted "development".

Why haven't you yet?

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i like posting this in these threads

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you should watch it with your sister, that's what you should do
and after you're done watching it, have sex with her, whether she wants to or not


>author is finally done with Eromanga Sensei
>Oreimo sequel still hasn't been announced

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Oreimo is unironically the best anime of all time for me. I've watched hundreds of anime and not a single one has come close to the feeling of satisfaction and joy that Oreimo gave me.

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nigga i'm getting old

What do I even do after finishing it? Not even visual novels can fill the hole oreimo left

It's watchable, but it's not particularly funny or sexy or interesting, and the (anime) series ends really anticlimactically. Also, if you're watching it on Crunchyroll they fucked up the S1 ending as well and used a "just in case things go bad with production" episode, while S2 picks up after the real progression. I guess the strongest recommendation I can give it is that it's (somehow) a must-see if you want to talk about imouto anime.