Is this as good as they say?

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Do we need to have this thread every fucking day?

It's the best Fate entry

and only good one

The Fate/Zero anime era unironically was Fate's peak

That's Heaven's Feel

Heaven's feel more like pretentious feel


It's a good story about an alternative retelling of what happened before F/SN

Yeah I know HF is mad cringe

The only good fate anime is the cooking show

It is like John Wick + Harry Potter. I love the use of real weaponry being used against magic. So many other shows try to put magic/fantasy powers above human weaponry so guns/swords are ineffective, but Fate/Zero puts them on an equal level. They are both lethal in unique ways.

People think it is super dumb which it is, but I was unironically basedjacking because it was cool. I especially loved how he used thermal sights to snipe mages since there was an in universe rule where magic increases their body heat.

Even better.

>alternative retelling
tf are you talking about?

>As good as they say
considering most people say it's shit then yea.

>most people say it's shit
>inb4 M-MAL, kys!
It counts.

Fate Zero is underrated and Fate Stay Night is overrated.

It's pretty cool but it bungles the ending. Needed either more episodes or less time spent on Kiritsugu's sob story

>Fate Zero is underrated
>Fate Stay Night is overrated
No, everyone thinks it's shit

Wrong on 2 counts lol