Why did anime culture change so much in the west in the past 5-10 years? Like how did the vibe go from

why did anime culture change so much in the west in the past 5-10 years? Like how did the vibe go from
>weird cringe compilation worthy basement dwellers and that one quirky fujoshi who would say konichiwa to people in the hallway
>pretty much every other teenager and young adult casually watches anime like it's any other tv show

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streaming services changed how people consume media, watching anime is easier than ever, so a lot more people tried it

Not exactly. If anything Zoomers justify being trannies due to anime and normies now like Dragón Ball due to the movie.

Ubiquity of social media and streaming. In the olden days, only nerds spent extensive time on the internet. Now any teenager can, and many do, with a device that is always connected and always accessible.

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unironically it was probably the Pokemon 4kids dub that helped normalize the whole "Jpanese media" thing as a mainstream entity
When the genwunners grew up, nobody was there to call out on the weebery anymore


social media


Kill yourself, tourist.

It really doesn't help that western media has shat the bed over the last decade to where the only thing that comes out now are comic book hero movies. Even before that, most TV shows were 90% sit coms with a few things like Game of Thrones (lol) or Breaking Bad (lol) beraking the mold. Now DBS is outselling shit like Beast in the theaters because of how pathetic western media has become.

>normies now like Dragón Ball
normies always liked Dragon Ball. It's literally THE normie anime per excellence

The internet got better and you dont have to learn2pirate in order to get the good shit.
Also people in general have become more openly weird thanks to social media allowing you to get attention

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Plenty of zoomers had 4kids growing up and weren't huge anime fans or whatever

the basement dwellers wouldn't shut up about how great anime is abd kept holding increasingly bigger public costume parties aka conventions making the whole scene seem super fun to normalfags and super profitable to capitalists looking to expand into new markets.

>4kids growing up and weren't huge anime fans
It still became more or less socially acceptable to be an open Pokemon fan as an adult
That probably wouldn't go over very well in 2000 or sth

4kids was more of a late millennial thing not a zoomer thing
>t. late millennial

Twatter and r*ddit desperately farming us for funi content to the point all new potential memes die in the cradle, the ubiquity of streaming, western media choking to death on it's own propaganda/cynicism in general.
The unwashed masses have just latched on to whatever untainted medium they can find. It'll be this way now until it's ruined where they'll then move on to whatever other fertile ground remains. Fortunately anime has a culture and language barrier so this process is much slower and any attempts at copying it under the lens of globohomo come out radioactive.

I miss memes like these. Nowadays every meme is "when she a 10 but the bussy sus af and you gettin glizzy off the slizzy fr fr *5 emojis*"

No nowadays memes are
>No one:
>Literally no one:
>something terribly unfunny that would've been slightly less unfunny if it wasn't preceded by the two lines above

>netflix comes out
>has limited library of shows
>your friend gets bored and watches something
>recommends it to you
>oh wait there are anime that aren't just pedophile bait and flying buff guys beating each other up, sure I'll give it a shot