One Piece

Shanks' feats:
>Made Kaido kneel
>Made the Marines kneel
>Made the Gorosei kneel
Name one, ONE Mihawk feat on this level

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Made Shanks and the world kneel to accept him as the stronger swordsman.


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Made Zoro kneel.

Mihawk is low tier

>Today, i will remind them

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Phew what an awful thread that was
Let’s try not to go borderline worstgen this time okay guys?


This kills the kizaru

>Shanks never once shown fighting in the entire manga
>"He's a swordsman"
And no, filler red doesn't count

s-shanks. can i be...can i be a pirate?

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Law is worth 1.889 million more than Zoro
>b-but his crew
You mean Bepo? Jean Bart? Shachi?
>b-but the territory
What territory?
>b-but his influence
Law has influence?

Law is 2.7 times stronger than Zoro

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Managed to save both his arms.
Managed to be famous all around the globe despite not having a crew nor devil fruits.
Managed to wreck an entire fleet with a sword while sailing on a coffin.
Managed to make Perona wet. were supposed to become Pirate GOD , not crocodile lapdog...

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Oda is a bigger hack then I thought

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whiteshitter go back

Yiu powerlevel,/bounty faggots are mentally ill.I like both characters,you have so much pent up anger who are picking fights over anime characters just so you can call someone a fag,your life is miserable

He used to duel with Mihawk.

This clown has a higher bounty then the MC 25 years into the story and basically Luffy is a loser

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