What is the appeal of manga with big strong men when you are not a homo?

What is the appeal of manga with big strong men when you are not a homo?

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They are. Why do you think the worn is so interested in cloning?

Because they can't reproduce normally.

>What is the appeal of manga with big strong men when you are not a homo?
None. Don't read it. Leave it to me and my homosexual friends to enjoy.

fuck off, breeder.

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recently in a discord server I met a fujo that hates regular yaoi with lanky bodies and gorilla hands and only reads bara, so yeah girls enjoy it too

the appeal is wondering if you could defeat them, everyone IRL is a weak pushover so we have to turn to fiction in order to find decent opponents.

Self insert

You're a lost cause. Too much estrogen in your body. You drink from bottled water?

but the holy trinity of self-insert archetypes are bland teenager, salaryman with burnout syndrome and virgin neet

damn even satan agrees with me

Fucking contrarians.


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regular fujos are the true contrarians for not being attracted to primary masculine traits. A chick that doesn't get wet over 6 pack abs is like a guy that doesn't get hard over H cup tits, a fucking anomaly.

user please don't get tricked so easily. The only people who appreciate purely masculine body types like this are gay guys. Even straight women want some femininity in their men. Fujos especially don't like it cause it ruins the idolized image of gay guys they have in their heads.

only japanese and other east asian countries believe this because the average asian men is so low T he will never look virile no matter how hard he tries


regard from Any Forums

Not everyone is a cumbrain

Normal people appreciate a beautiful body

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Cope harder roid blob.


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user have you not noticed how popular twinks have gotten in the west.

yeah with 12 year olds