What mangaka draws the best facial expressions?

What mangaka draws the best facial expressions?

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unironically Fujimoto

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Masanori Morita.

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Another one by Morita.

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He does, just not in Chainsaw man
Fire Punch has a wider range of emotions

He lost his touch after FP

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definitely Inoue.

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ojiro makoto

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Aoki Ume

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You just couldn't contain shoving your micro dick in our faces huh?Everyone on this board hates you

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FPBP,his expressions are truly the best

Oda, because sales is the number 1 indica...

I-i can't, i can't do it. I can't shill this mediocre hack mangaka and his hideous vomit inducing "art". Fuck Oda and fuck wan piss.

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what the fuck is going on with people in this thread

shonen : yoshihiro togashi
seinen : toshio sako

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The skill is still there but I feel like he's just not putting in the effort, and he won't bother to ever again since he gets so much recognition by name alone now. Just my take, but it's probably not far from the truth.

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Itagaki and Miura

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