Lucky Star


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Stupid sexy Misao

Was Tsukasa thinking of something sad?

Thinking of deers

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we hate misao

We love Misao. Need to give her a big hug.

lucky star appeals to the male fantasy

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Thoughts about deers?

>Tank top spats exposed tummy pajama

My god.

They're alright I guess

My fantasy is fucking the luckies.

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Why is she blushing like that and whimpering? Is she horny?

Tsukasa thinks, therefore Tsukasa is

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God this art style was so iconic, not quite chibi not quite full proportioned.
Is there a word for this type?

About what?

Being impregnated by western foreign men twice her age.

Everything, including YOU!

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I just ate that pastry from the first episode
Blue moe was right, if you eat from the tip, it spills

Lucky Star had so much wisdom



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