Anime that Any Forums told you was good and you didn't like

I'll start with Heike Monogatari. I heard good things about it time and time again when I lurked some threads about the best anime from the season it aired. I got around to it a week ago, and it was quite possibly one of the most boring anime I've watched in years. The protagonist is annoying and constantly has a chip on her shoulder and doesn't develop, the people around her are retarded and idiots despite somehow being recognised as smart and influencial by their peers (and there's flashbacks that set this up specifically in the story) and then there's the waste of talent in the production of this show.
The art style is also incredibly meh. It feels like "background art" bait, and that's really all it was going for.

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Any Forums has had terminal shit taste for more than 15 years so you shouldn't be surprised that they're wrong.

Absolute shit taste.

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>the people around her are retarded and idiots
t. Minamoto scum

it is tremendously bad, especially with how they complain about "forced animation"

they want powerpoints and every other cheap animation technique in existence

and the worst part is that it is still animated and written better than western cartoons

Shit, I have a lot but I have a tendency to forget everything I don't like. But for example this season there's the girl from Yofukashi no Uta, obviously she's a whore and I don't like her. Worse still I dislike even more that she has aqua's voice. Sonny boy too.

Boring, predictable trash.

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D-tier light novel trash.

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Had to drop it after 3 episodes, what a snoozefest.

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>The protagonist
this alone is proof that you completely missed the point of the show. retarded faggot.

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If the main character isn't fun then the majority of the show won't be, especially when she's present and it brings down the show so incredibly hard.

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Poorman's Death Note, but not even trying.

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tokyo ghoul

why don't people stick to the classics? gurren lagann, kaiji, FMAB, and code geass?

Low-effort moeshit, but at least some songs were good. Not worth watching unless you're a fan of the seiyuu.

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>tokyo ghoul
People on Any Forums mostly recommend the manga though? Everybody agrees that it becomes a confusing shitshow after S2.

The joke's on you, I enjoy SOL. El-Melloi baits you into thinking you're going to see some action and intrigue, but everything is just so lacklustre.

Aged like milk, only worth watching while it was airing for the fun threads.

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/m/ was so hyped for this, but it turned into one of the most forgettable shows of the year. The first episode baits you hard with how well-written it is.

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Schizophrenic and grating. Can't handle the transition from the LN to the anime at all.

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As bad as any other vidya adaptation. Avoid this shit.

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