One Piece

>Sanji tried to abandon kidnapped children who were crying for help
Literal psychopath wtf

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>The Mid-Autumn Festival is named Tsukimi (月見) or Otsukimi (literally meaning 'moon-viewing') in Japan.
>Around Tsukimi, you’ll see a lot of rabbit-themed decorations to go along with the story.
>You can find scenes of rabbits gathered together or rabbits pounding mochi (rice cakes), which is the main festival food to enjoy while moon viewing.
>1059 released in Japan on the 12th of September
>Tsukimi observed in Japan this year from the 10th-13th of September
1059 is our chapter, Carrotbros.

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Give us more canon Uta you hack!

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i want to sex perona.


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sanji is so lucky

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They are well fed, it's not Sanji's area of responsibility

Nami? KNEELS to Sanji

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Sanji was more concerned over Nami hugging Jinbe than being relieved he made it back alive from WCI, which was his mess to begin with.

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>Sanji was chained up as a child
>He doesn't sympathize with children in the exact same situation
Defend this hack writing

Post lewd images that won't get you banned but almost.

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Nami will fuck your self-insert, fatty

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well, its obvious oda retcons shit constantly and plans very little. He is skilled with putting it all together but he isnt perfect at it. Thats the reason why the "sanji is the kindest person ever" is so funny. Even if I am a sanjifag

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>Sanji gives logical reasoning while Nami appeals to emotion
That's just the difference between men and women.

you take that ba-

It could have been an actual doctor's base and they weren't chained.


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>Top 5 Sexiest:
1. Reiju
2. Nami
3. Boa
4. Shirahoshi
5. Robin
>Top 5 Cutest:
1. Nami
2. Shirahoshi
3. Tama
4. Pudding
5. Vivi
>Top 5 Prettiest:
1. Shirahoshi
2. Vivi
3. Robin (Pre-TS)
4. Nami
5. Robin (Post-TS)
>Top 5 funniest
1. Pudding
2. Baby 5
3. Perona
4. Nami
5. Robin (Post-TS)
>Top 5 in Personality
1. Nami
2. Robin
3. Vivi
4. Pudding
5. Reiju

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The scene would've been fine if someone like Zoro was arguing with Nami but Sanji had been written as more sentimental so it feels off coming from him especially with how Oda's written him since like the kindest shit.

>Viola nowhere


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What the fuck is this Jimbei and Sanji bullshit, the marine should concentrate on that GOD Usopp guy, he is obviously the third strongest member of the crew
>Luffy CoC master
>Zoro armament master
>Usopp observation Master
If you keep underestimating his incredible power you will just fall like I did, the guy was able to fool even Morgans and Elbaf is his arc, IT CAN'T BE STOPPED ANYMORE FUFUFUFUFUFU

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One of the only two people in all OPverse to forge a perma black blade. His sword is considered the STRONGEST in the world.
>b-but Shanks is h-haki man
Is described as swordsman in the recent 4B booklet and other guides.
>b-but it's just skill
Yes and skill is a proper metric to value one's superiority in one piece world. You think haki isn't involved in swordsmanship in one piece when Mihawk was the one to teach Zoro how to use it???
>m-muh lower b-bounty
Bounties ain't powerlevels and Mihawk doesn't have territory or commands his own fucking crew. Not to mention he has a superior bounty than the Yonko he is working "under".
>b-but Vista
You wanna go there? When Shanks got injured by fruitless BB and got eaten an arm by a fucking fish.
>b-but muh CoC
Garp rival the pirate king himself without having it. Also not yet confirmed if Mihawk has it or not even then it's a non issue.


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Post Cute and Canon

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>Mihawk has a lower bounty than Shanks
>"M-M-Mihawk is stronger than Shanks"

You people don't get it, do you? Shanks is NOT a swordsman
All this shit we've been seeing in Film Red is merely a red herring for Elbaf when Shanks unveils his TRUE main weapon: a gun

Like he says they didn't know what the children's situation was at that point, if they were actually being treated there then it would've just done harm.

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>Top 5 Sexiest:
>Top 5 Cutest:
Viola's butthole
>Top 5 Prettiest:
Viola's pubes
>Top 5 funniest
Viola's past
>Top 5 in Personality
Viola's body

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>they are not chained
>they are well fed
>he is a genetic mutant too, and he's fine; it's healthy for children to be genetically enginered on a bit


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>Better swordsman.
>Has a blackblade meaning better CoA.
>Advanced CoO.
>Fair to assume to have CoC for being the number one swordsman and all
>Advanced CoC, currently the most advanced in OP, it can shut down CoO
>fair to assume he has great CoO and CoA for being a Yonko and all but below Mihawk
In a fight Shanks would be able to use CoO while Mihawk wouldn't for Shanks being able to use his CoC to debilitate Mihawk's CoO but because Mihawk is a better swordsman and has better CoA, plus he has CoC and while not confirmed how strong his CoC is it would be safe to assume to be very strong. They would really be about equal if they were to fight again as of now with what we know, but Mihawk has the advantage for being a better swordsman and having two arms. And yes, Shanks is a swordsman, and there is a good chance he might be a capable fighter without a sword like Rayleigh, but his preferred way of fighting is with a sword. I like both characters but stop arguing about powerlevels because it's gay.

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