Why does Tohru makes my heart feel warm everytime I see her?

Why does Tohru makes my heart feel warm everytime I see her?

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because she's a fertile female dragon that must be married to a dragon male who has to impregnate her multiples times (yeah that's a lot of nakadashis)

Because she's the cutest thing in existence.

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Because you're not a vile heartless cunt like Kobayashi

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Because she's such a cute and happy maid. Kobayashi should share her bed with Tohru more often.

tohru is a faggot!

Where do you think Tohru sleeps every night?

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i want to dick her into heterosexuality

I thought she slept with Kanna most of the time but apparently not?

Didn't most of the people who worked on this show die in the arson incident?

I think when Ilulu moved in, she started sleeping with Kobayashi.

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Just like OP

I would eat her tail in a heartbeat

I would eat anything Tohru.

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I want to be this comfy

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god I love this family so much. most of the time i feel like shit but Tohru makes me feel warm inside

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Everyone sleeps with Kobayashi. Tohru shares the bed as the wife, Iruru and Kanna sleep hugging them and Sword baby sleeps peacefully inside mombayashi's comfy soul womb

>Kobayashi's face
What's going on here?

She's dreaming that a fat dragon is crushing her.

Kanna's soft wing blanket...

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Poor Kobayashi.