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If your waifu just poof'd into the existence, will she in any chance fall in love with you?

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the only anime girl who would fall in love with the average Any Forumsnon

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Trick question.

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I'm not as charismatic Okabe and I don't have a comfy lab group, but I think I'm close enough in personality to him to reasonably woo her. If I can break through her tsun shell, that is.

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Mine would. I'm a good person and know a lot about her world's lore and she would be interested. Having common interest would get us together! She's also a friendly girl.

No, but that won't stop me

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I'd desperately attempt communication though

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She loves rape.
I don't think so ;_;


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Probably not.
She gave me the strength and motivation to better myself, but I still don't feel worthy of her affection.

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>She loves rape.
That's what she believed until the incident where she thought she was getting molested on the train.

Maybe for me. I certainly "get" Rin more than Hisao, especially with Aura's statement that Hisao normally wouldn't be able to get the good ending by himself without the player's influence.

It depends on what point of time she was pulled from, or whether or not she has memories of her series events. If she was pulled from a point in time after she fell in love with the series deutoragonist and still has memories of that, then probably not because she did say she would never love any other man but him near the end of the series.

But if she were pulled from an earlier point in time before she fell in love with him, then there might be a possibility that she could fall in love with me I suppose.


If the answer is no you don't have a waifu.


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Of course not. In less than a week she'd see me for the depressing, boring, sad individual I am and refuse to be around me anymore.

Thats why I stopped having one.

You're not Takuji.

Isn't she a lesbian? Was it a handsome guy at least?

No, she scorns lowly humans like me, but that doesn't stop me from loving her.

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You're on Any Forums, sport. Being here regularly means you're the sort of creature that the opposite sex is repulsed by on the cellular level.