Dragon Ball Super

Let's remember all the final enemies the Dragon Team faced at the end of each and every segment of the canon story, shall we?
>Search for the Dragon Balls: Goku goes crazy and is put out of commission by Puar.
>21st Tenkaichi Budokai: Roshi stands in Goku's way and gets away with it.
>Red Ribbon army: Commander Black (and even Pilaf)'s machines are defeated by Goku.
>:22nd Tenkaichi Budokai: Tenshinhan gets some sense punched into his skull by Goku.
>:Demon King Piccolo: Piccolo Sr. meets its doom by Goku's hands.
>:23rd Tenkaichi Budokai: Piccolo Jr. is defeated by the new champion Goku.
>Saiyan Invasion: Vegeta runs away after being crushed by Gohan's body
>Freeza: Freeza is finally defeated by the legendary Super Saiyan Goku
>Androids and Cell: Cell is obliterated by the young Gohan
>Majin Buu: Buu reincarnates after being killed by Goku's Spirit Bomb
>God of Destruction Beerus: Beerus simply leaves after he had fun.
>Revival of F: Freeza is killed once again, this time by Goku
>God of Destruction Champa: Hit eliminates himself due to pure sportmanship
>"Future" Trunks: Zamasu is completely erased by Zeno
>Universal Survival: Jiren can't overcome teamwork and is eliminated by Freeza.
>Broly: Broly is send back to his home planet by Shenron.
>Galactic Patrol Prisoners: Moro breaks down and explodes when his power storage is broken by Goku
>Survivor Granolah: Gas is eliminated by the evil emperor Freeza
>Super Hero: Cell Max explodes after his failsafe is destroyed by Gohan

So at the end, the score for Ws looks like this
>Puar: 1
>Goku: 8
>Gohan: 3
>Zeno: 1
>Freeza: 2
>Shenron: 1
>Conchita: 0
If you count "self-eliminations" then Beerus and Hit gain 1 point each too. Funny, huh?

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Bejita, I need to see you kiss her. I am tired of hearing you make clapping sounds.

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Z fighters*

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Why does Goku using Genkidama to defeat Boo count as a win, but Vegeta using Forced Spirit Fission to defeat Moro doesn't?

shit thread

>thinking Shenron "won"
S? B.

shit reply

Soul vs Soulles

Fajita didn't throw energy that destroyed Moro, he threw energy that fueled Goku, then Goku destroyed Moro with his own hands.
Vegeta got an assistance there, not a kill.

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>BLACKEDdroid 18
ALL wives are the sole properly of BLACKza.

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There was a lot of negativity last thread so how about this
Name something you like about Modern Dragon Ball
The concept of God Ki was a cool way to progress power levels I guess

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What do we think of Pan?

We don't.

Ultra instinct is what got me back into dragon ball. I like the philosphy behind it and how it comes from real life martial arts about having "no mind".

Pure sex.

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EBONICSza the Illiterate.

>Name something you like about Modern Dragon Ball
Filler episodes were great.

Your wife? BLACKED

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This guy looks like quite the master.

half of that shit is not even canon and you forgot baby

Meme answer? SEX I LOVE ROM
Serious answer? I like seeing her grow up as a fighter and hope we see her doing basic Ki attacks next movie or series

Even THE CHAMP has a moe wife now?

Two forms have to go, one stays
Ultra Instinct
Mastered Ultra Instinct
True Ultra Instinct

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Remove them all, go back to God.

Remove "MUI" because that's just what ethnics refer to Ultra Instinct as.

MUI stays. The first one is redundant and "true ultra instinct" is garbage made by Toyotaro.


Kek, funny, based, canon.

I remove the filler movie's forms.

I don’t though



>Name something you like about Modern Dragon Ball
Not a single solitary fucking thing.

It's now a dumb fun cliche franchise, perfect for all age and all kinds of people to watch and enjoy

NOT funny please delete
Broly bro btw

KEKAROO! I despise the diaper duo so fucking much.