Tsukihime anime re-air on AT-X starting on September 25th

The "Shingetsutan Tsukihime" anime will be reairing on AT-X in Japan starting on September 25.

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Really off model character design.

We'll pretend that never happened, also I'm curious if it's ever popular in nip land or was it hated from day one?

remake anime soon?

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It's not as bad as people made it out to be, of course it won't compare to the visual novel but really it's on the same level as the Higurashi anime yet people actually like that one for some reason

Better voice cast than what we ended up with, especially Akiha.

>yet people actually like that one for some reason
the higurashi anime actually had animation (even if it was shitty sometimes)

They will re-air Carnival Phantasm? Neat!

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In the case of there being a new Tsukihime anime, which route would they adapt?

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All like Amagami

That's not exactly an easy one. The "obvious" pick would be Arc, given that she's the main heroine of the franchise, but Blue Glass Moon itself is definitely Ciel stealing the show, at the end of the day.

It wouldn't be unprecedented if the latter got the anime over the first route, though, seeing as how UBW got a modern TV anime remake and Fate didn't.

Sacchin of course

Ciel probably, like said, they'll probably skip Arc under the pretense that DEEN already semi """adapted""" it. Plus, Ciel's route in the remake has the most new content in it.

JC Staff did the Tsukihime anime

That was J.C. Staff actually.

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What the hell? Why would they do this, even Type-Moon said that they were dissatisfied with how the anime was adapted.

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Rumor has it that a trailer for a new Ufotable version will appear at the end.

Maybe they're gonna announce a new anime. Or most likely, will announce the far side routes VN

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How can they air something that doesn't exist?

It was worse.

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