Earthchild 26 Happy Earth-Science
Get ready for some real bullshit

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>They killed themselves
Well, we got what we wanted.

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This is such a stupid argument. If you're that worried about Earthchildren making choices that influence and possibly cause death of millions or billions, why give it to them in the first place? Why did you give powers to fucking dinosaurs and squids?

And Best Dad is just...

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>I don't forsake them
Also this is as bullshit as Naruto's speech. Maybe worse.

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once again, a moment that's supposed to be tragic looks like it's from a gag manga

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Actually disgusting.

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That's our ninja way! Believe it!

Lol said the scorpion lmao

They raped her and she went on her way.

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Maybe the family we made was the real Earthchild the whole time.

One chapter left.

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We're free now right? This is it, everything is over.

>she's not wanking my ordinary-ness off hard enough
>guess I'll have to do it myself

all these words and yet it says nothing

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Lucky Mamoru.

>fighting you is just unproductive
But she was about to win

Holy shit, it's like it gets exponentially worse with every chapter. What the actual fuck was this chapter. Please just fucking end next time.


>grandpa randomly dying after the wife reflected the knife
>literal wishing energy
>main villain simply gives up
What a chapter. It truly delivered, and then some.

She just don't want to admit that Best Dads word and the family hug touched her heart
Is it really getting axed? Why waste money on voices if it is gone next week

Hang in there bros. I can feel it…We’re almost free…

>>literal wishing energy
This has been a thing for some time already although I can't blame you for not keeping up

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This is the luckiest fucking manga in Jump History, shit should have died countless times but like some sort of revenant kept shambling along

I know, but the scale reached earth sized heights this time around.

I can't call it THAT lucky. It's still only three volumes worth.

>This is the luckiest fucking manga in Jump History
That's still Soul Catcher(s)