Kantai Collection Kancolle season 2

The lady's retainer, aka best girl's concept art

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other concept arts
a dumb depressed dog

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a turbodyke and her sister that she is gay for

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a cute boy (secretly an american spy)

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shimakazefags can go to hell
besides, she was currently getting embarrassed by taffy 3 when the surigao part of this story was taking place

Mutsu my beloved

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When will this air? I hope I can pick up in time

october/novemeber, it's not a full 12 episode cour

Will the other Aganos be in it?

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>best girls never included.

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Mogamin! She's not a spy!

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the most ships sunk in a single torpedo salvo!
all of them were friendly!

agano got caught up in hailstone (well, she was hit by a submarine just before hailstone) 6 months before this time
noshiro might show up but she was caught up in the post-samar cleanup
sakawa has a good chance of showing up though

She's not a buoy either.

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I like Nagato

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Tomboats are the best.

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I agree

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yahagi's non-kai2 outfit was better

>Still no series or movie about Shimakaze.

If there's one thing that Kantai Collection has fucked up. It's this.