Sewayaki Kitsune no Seko-san

Here be a new chapter of Kitsune Loli Wife Mother (87).
As always, please check for grammatical errors and weird phrasings.

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stalker did you die

>every girl realizes they like him but not enough to marry him, 1 chapter per 1 girl

This was so incredibly lame and predictable

Also it should be pointed out that he was never meant to marry all three but pick out one of among them.

Yup, that unfortunate mistranslation.
But in a sense the correct translation is even dumber because how could anyone think for even a moment he won't choose Senko?

>Also it should be pointed out that he was never meant to marry all three but pick out one of among them.
Oh shit really?

let me guess, this chapter will tell us that this one is not the one, and the next chapter will tell us that the tanuki isn't the one either

Where is STALKER?

Died on the way to his home planet

I think STALKER fell into a coma, so I'll dump the rest for him.
I've got a near final version of the script, but unfortunately not the typeset. If perchance the typesetter is around, you're free to take over the thread.
For now this'll have to do.

Suzu: Se-
Suzu: Se-se-
Suzu: Senko-san!?
Suzu: Gin-san too!?

Suzu: Eh!?
Suzu: Ummm...
Suzu: I'm sorry... did... I...

Suzu: Did I say something...?
Sen: Well~
Sen: Try as you may, you cannot run from reality.

Sen: I had known that you do not hold him in high regard, but...
Suzu: Ugh...

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Sen: I do think that he would make for a superb husband.
Sen: What kind of person would you prefer for her?
Suzu: Huh?

Suzu: Mnnnnn.
Suzu: What kind...?

Suzu: I don't want anyone...
Sen: Is she in love??

Gin: So what do you wish to do with Yotsutani-san, Suzu?

Suzu: That's...

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Suzu: I don't know what I want either...

Suzu: Stop looking at me with those "it's so nice to be young" eyes!

Sen: Then, will you accept this?
Sen: Will you let Yotsutani go on like this...?

Suzu: I'm ok with it.

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Suzu: I'm a divine messenger.
Suzu: All I can do is watch over her and check on her every now and then.
Suzu: I cannot live alongside a human.

Suzu: But Nakano-san can.
Suzu: I'm sure he can stay by her side.

Suzu: If she thinks that that it will make her happy,
Suzu: then I want her to seize that opportunity
Suzu: regardless of how I feel.

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Gin: You've grown so much~

Suzu: And...

Suzu: This path that Senko-san chose, after spending all these years caring for Nakano-san,
Suzu: is definitely not an easy one to take.

Suzu: A middling divine messenger-to-be like me has no right to get in her way...

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Suzu: So!
Suzu: I'll leave this decision to Yotsutani-san!!
Suzu: I'm one little step closer to becoming a proper divine messenger!

Gin: And there you have it.

Suzu: Eh?

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Yotsu: H-
Yotsu: Hi...

Suzu: W-w-w-
Suzu: Why are you here!?

Yotsu: Well, I suddenly felt tipsy after getting out of the bath.

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Yotsu: I was stumbling about, about to collapse,
Yotsu: but then Senko-san and Gin-san found and took care of me.
Gin: Hide for a moment.
Yotsu: ...was what she said.

Yotsu: And I couldn't find the right time to come out...
Yotsu: Sorry...
Gin: It's your fault, Suzu~
Gin: She was having a drink in the bath - you can't just leave her th-

Sen: Uya!
Sen: She is escaping!!

Yotsu: It's ok. Just listen.

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