No Fuuto Tantei this week? Did I miss a note that there will be no episode?

No Fuuto Tantei this week? Did I miss a note that there will be no episode?

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30 minutes.

So I was too early...

Is this written by a woman? The female characters reek of deluded female self-insertion.
>she is mysterious/nerdy but actually the prettiest person ever and everybody falls in love with her, she is mysterious/angry/geeky but she can also fight/be a fucking idol and one of them has amnesia as well
The rest of the show is pretty good though.

Is this good? It seems to have came out late.

The same writer as W, Riku Sanjou is the average old man who works at Ishinomori Productions. Ishinomori himself being one of the the pioneers of Shoujo manga.

Also Sanjo wrote Dai no Daibouken, which everyone should read and watch.

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it's been good.

You are a fucking idiot

It's the only series I enjoy save for Lycoris and STR, you should give it a try, the season isn't very strong.

Its out.

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I kinda forget, did the memory also enhance Terui's strength or something

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Hahaha time for the only good Rider show of the week.

Kinda, but the obvious one was his natural regeneration got accelerated

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They made Terui too fucking cool in the anime lmao

Fujo series.

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Terui has always been cool as fuck, hell his introduction episode in W was him swinging a sword that was too heavy for him.

I coom so hard to tokime ripped shirt

Reminder, when it concerns fanservice that the manga is superior.

They decided to tear Tokime's shirt as a replacement for the lost panties which isn't a acceptable exchange.

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We got a panty shot of her as Meg so it all even out.


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>they sticked with the 3 episodes per case format
Can they reach the Skull flashback at this rate?

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Rate this episode

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don't ask me questions/10

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>Can I watch Fuuto PI without any prior knowledge to any kamen rider series?
Yes, you can. The manga that this show adapted from is also for newcomers.
>How do I get into Kamen Rider?
Find the /krg/ thread on /m/ and read the guide.

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Summertime Rendering

Summer Time Rendering I guess?

I wouldn't count it, it's part of her leotard not a separate garment.

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Of course not.
The mask party arc is pretty long too.
If anything I hope Skull arc got a movie instead.

Truly hard-boiled.

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what does he see in her?

Didn't the current rider just end and we have fortnite rider next?

I don't think any woman can stand terui with his cold ass attitude.

Geats will start next week.

Pretty sure the guy implied that the other Rider series that aired its last episode earlier today, was not good.

What did he mean by this?

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Now I understand. I'm also watching this.

Wasn't MonRado said to be a monster hunting game?
Why does it look more like a fighting game every time they've shown it?

She doesn't ask him questions.

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>Still playing MaxSoft games
GenmCorp is far superior

if she can love him even though he can turn into a motorcycle then she can love him no matter what.

Emu if he wasn't given the VAIDS?
>Game Journalist that is good at videogames

A really necessary scnene.
I love studio Kai so much.

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Fuck off Kusogenm.

They said it's a fighting game last episode.

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