Weekly Shonen Jump No. 39 2022

New chapters are out. Feel free to discuss.

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First for OP is a gay ass nigger.

Cute aliens.

Akane banashi became AKINO banashi

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Press F to pay respects

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UUbros, we've made it.

Eating good.

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f but also slightly s
earthchild sure as shit ain't getting an f though, might even get 2 s

yeah all ten of us.


smartphone is so wordy it hurts to read holy shit

I dropped it because of that
if jump didn't arrive at 11PM for me I might be willing to sit through it but it's just too much late at night, I had a similar problem with elusive with keeping track of everything, although in that case it's also probably just better suited to being consumed a volume at a time in general than just the time of day so I will probably catch up at some point, if smartphone survives the round after the current one I will read it by volume as well

what happened to the user who would make the thread at like 4 AM?

#39/2022 one-shot

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but truthfully I only read it because I wanted Ayashimon trannys to seethe. Once that was cancelled, the series was forgotten in my eyes.


Is the Aliens author fucking retarded?
He just released another nothing happens chapter at the start of his run.
This manga will 100% be axed by the end of the year and he seems to actively work on that goal.

where are the author comments? viz site doesnt have them yet

Aliens is really good this week