RWBY: Ice Queendom

Chapter 9: My dream , Your dream 「あなたのために」

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Endcard by Neco. Blake pulling an Adam Cosplay

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That’s both messed up and pretty neat

Then again, that’s before Volume 3

His comment
>I still remember the shock I felt when I saw the PV of RWBY for the first time.
>I couldn't have imagined it at the time, but I am glad that I am now able to be involved in RWBY, even if only a little.


Handsome Ruby

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why is she so prone bone-able?

>no tits
>no ass
She's perfect.

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Based Jaune making the haters seethe for another week

What's so hate about that scene?

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I don't get it, is she tired that she cannot fight the grimm weiss?

It’s just Jaune in general. He always had a hatedom ever since the start due to being a guy that gets a lot of story importance, despite the show’s premise

That said, voicing out their dislike for years is still obnoxious

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>I am thou, thou art I
Seriously, this whole anime is just Persona: RWBY edition.

>The lolis going inside her ass
Are we supposed to take this scene seriously?

You’re not wrong. But as a sidestory that’s mandated to stick to canon it’s fine enough for me

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>We'll finally get that Adam vs Weiss interaction
>But it'll be with Blake
Bittersweet feeling

>Ep 9
>Still inside BIG NICHOLAS

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Lots of QUALITY this episode. Hopefully next episode we finally get some good action.

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>Kissing in her dream

Ruby pat her loliweiss child is cute.

Oh, I get it. They're going to make Yang get infected by the Nightmare too. That way everyone will get immunity.

How many episodes are left? I'm getting tired of the same stupid shit every week

>Last week's cliffhanger gets resolved
>Yang makes a joke and Blake uses their shared braincell
>Ruby has emotions
>Obligatory Jaune moment
>Weiss argues with herself
>Ruby gathers her courage and fights Weiss
>Ruby loses to Weiss
>Cliffhanger ending

>Why so racist, Weiss?

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3 episodes left

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>Hopefully next episode we finally get some good action
Just wait until they animate their fight as wonky and slow like they did with Ruby vs Weiss.

Can't believe Urobuchi is involved in writing this shitty anime.