Kiss being censored now

>kiss being censored now

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This a licensed tank release?

>hand holding still not censored
get this porn shit to /d/

>censored kiss
Good to burn, whatever it is

Of course, and handholding is next in the line, you don't want comic books to spread degeneracy, children may be the ones reading them.

It's not from the tank so naturally it's censored.

tickle tickle

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this whore deserves an arc just for herself

Maybe he has a cock in his mouth

>le hand holding is le lewd!!!
hua hua epic joke, my oldfag friend


she needs to be tickle tortured until she sharts and pisses herself

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Double blow, now I see it

I see you're in favour of marrying your mother.

Tongues are lewd

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based yakumo inviting tenka for a threesome

You vill eat ze pusy
You vill enjoy it

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All is fair in love and war

the censoring actually makes the kiss more erotic

>published in a magazine targeted at 10 year-olds
Can't tell if pedophile or tranny or actually just a butthurt underage faggot. The volume release will be uncensored, so what are you even crying about? Oh, it's because you won't buy the volume and will never see it uncensored unless someone redraws it or uploads the uncensored version for you.

She's nude so it's basically a sex act

umm its actually for 16 year olds sweety

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