Saki: Tanoshii

MakoMeshi ch 19 TL. Thanks to Akio for picking this series up.

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tanoshii grilling

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delicious fish and rice

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foodie megane girls

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... are cute!

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right... mahjong
This is about mahjong.

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rice and microwave hot dogs
a gourmet special

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I like hotto dogu.

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End MakoMeshi 19.
The series ended earlier this year at chapter 30, so it's nice that Akio has agreed to finish it while the Saki franchise has a few delays and hiatuses (Achiga).

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latest Big Gangan was 8/25; waiting for Toki TL.
Shinohayu was delayed this month due to Ritz issues again. Apology was provided (pic).

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New volumes for all series coming 9/24.
Nice group of cover characters. Nanami and Naoko are making their cover debuts.

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also center color for Shinohayu/Toki in next month's BG

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August birthdays

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September is the month of Ryuumonbuchi.
Also Taco Day 9/16.
9/8 looks like Kunoichi Tsubaki

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see you on p10

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solo Toki

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