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I feel like /opg/ is way too harsh on post-TS Franky
He was great in Dressrosa. It's just that he was absent in WCI and Wano suffered from character bloat. He's still a great character

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Post Cute and Canon

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his post-ts design is shit

I just miss his pre-ts haircut and arms
The robot shit is too much

The entire fandom dislikes Franky, consistently the worst rated strawhat in polls.

>He was great in Dressrosa
Yes, I loved all 3 chapters where he did things

Hus current design is garbage.

I wouldn't say dislike, Franky don't have that many haters compared to some of the more popular straw hats.
It's just that he's kind of the wacky uncle.

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I mean it's true that Dressrosa did suffer from character-bloat, but Franky's actions in that arc were pretty important since destroying the SMILE factory was one of the crew's main objectives in that arc

Coby - Chartreuse Cobra

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I hated that franky an usopp barely had any panel time outside of fights in wano. They should have gotten a little more attention since they weren't there for wci

WCI was for the strawhats absent from Dressrosa

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The "Japan Fucking Hates Them" Quartet

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Usopp's speech this arc was kinda weird in retrospect cause it hinted at a theme that didn't go anywhere in the end

It's not the character it's the design

>one of the best VA was a traitor working for Doffy
>Smoker jobbing 4 times against 4 different people in one arc
>Aokiji defecting to team up with BB
>Fujitora, Bastille, Maynard getting cockblocked by Sabo
>Warlord raid getting wrecked by fucking Crocodile and Daz Bones
>Fujitora and GB failing to stop rev army
>GB crying like a bitch against Shanks
>Cross guild getting founded right up your nose while the raid people are drowning

He is far worse than Sengoku. He made marines look like fodder.

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It's still so weird that an animal who is a doctor acts like a child and gets treated like one

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What is your best argument for why your favorite character is the good?

Or it's hinting that Usopp is afraid of getting tortured and the WG or BB Pirates will do that to him in a later arc.

Usopp didn't even have a fight.

There"s a reason why Sengoku is the only marine with COC

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>mfw patiently waiting for Bonney to join

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I bet Japan would have hated Chopper too if he didn't become moe.

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SSG is the only thing that can save the Marine at this point

Nice sex position

Super Saiyan Gin

Probably not cause the story frames Usopp as if he's supposed to be right
I thought they were gonna do a thing about how the samurai's, and by extension Kaido's, obsession with dying an honorable death is stupid, but it didn't really go anywhere

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>cause it hinted at a theme
No it was just Oda using him as a mouthpiece to shit on Japanese honor.

Nobody hates Carrot, retard

>numbers jobbers
>supernova recruited were giga jobs or traitors
>flying 6 swept up by BM and strawhats
>Queen and King manhandled by Marco and then cleaned by Zoro and Sanji
>Smiles getting nullified by fucking Tama and do nothing (2 arcs were dedicated on stopping the production of it, but Oda introduced Tama in Wano fucking kek)
>BM alliance a total sham
>only Beast pirate that didn't constantly job
>can't kill anyone but the CP0 fag

Shit I would be suicidal too if my crew was this trash

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I'm sure they'd have great interactions

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stay away from my wives

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when will anime get good?

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they censored reiju's panties? that's perverse

>strongest creature
>has 7 loses

Japanese poll > your headcanon opinion

She made me cry

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