Spy x Family

New key visual for cour 2 is up.

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Spy x Family cour 2 airs on October 1st. Set your calendars. Enjoy the comfy threads while they last.

>fiona will end up with franky
I hate it!

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Yuri and Fiona meeting soon, trust the plan

Cute Anya as always.

>fiona will end up with franky
I love it!

Best girl soon

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Seiyuu announcement for Fiona?

Actually, you may remember from episode two of the animated adaptation that Twilight described the kind of woman that matches his needs for the mission, and Franky said that he'd love to meet this kind of angel. Eventually Twilight settled for Yor Briar, a woman who's as mediocre as she is gullible. Both she and Twilight are aware that their marriage is fake, so there are no mutual feelings. Once this fake marriage has outlived its utility, Twilight can dedicate himself to a more deserving woman while Yor Briar ends up as Frank's sloppy seconds.

It is only logical, and unnamed sources from Wise (not Nightfall) have confirmed this to me (not Nightfall).

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It's Ami Koshimizu.

Wasn't Fiona's hair purple?

>ever being best girl
Yor may be a retard, but at least she has her own life and isn't doing everything just to get into Twilights pants. Plus Nightfall doesn't care about Anya at all, that is an automatic disqualification

> Fiona has white hair

lol what?


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It's the same color, the red tint is just from the chair that you can see on the rest of her clothes

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So this confirms we're at least reaching the Tennis arc. Last ep will probably be meeting Donovan

To be fair Henderson's hair is darker than usual too

>Last ep will probably be meeting Donovan
It’s either to end on Volume 6’s cliffhanger (chapter 37) where Loid introduces himself or end after their convo in chapter 38 (first chapter of volume 7).


Yor getting her ass injured episode when?

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Fiona on suicide watch

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Might be the first episode to ease the viewers back into the series.