What went wrong with NNT?

What went wrong with NNT?

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powerlevels got too high
too much hype not enough payoff

Powerlevels. It's always numerical power level bullshit

Main characters already started off pretty strong but instead of focusing on characters, world building etc. the main goal was getting even stronge. Also Nakaba went full retard with the power level scaling.

Holy Knights became pointless piss-weak useless jobbers.

The did the same arc 3 times.

Why is it so any and everytime a mangaka introduces a form of objective numerical powerlevel, the story goes to shit?

> Holy Knights became pointless piss-weak useless jobbers.
Meanwhile they’re somehow able to not get instantly squished by a chaos powered up fusion of Mela and Galand.

This fusion should logically easily be above the 60k.

Nothing it's a good 8/10

Why did he even do that?
I tought the 10 commandments really carried it despite the story being dragged down by everything else

That's what I always wonder as well. There's almost never any reason to introduce quantitative powerlevels when you can just have organic "powerscaling" based on power matchups and other "soft" factors.

They're all stronger now

Writers went full loco.

Really stupid shit and twists.

I disagree, i hate power matchups with bigger casts more than power levels.
You get stuck in endless matchup fights where you tune in week after week and just skim through it because "oh it's another noelle chapter", or replace noelle with chopper or king or whoever it is you give the least shit about in the given battle shonen.
Power levels lets you know how the cast is doing power wise without having to give them spotlight chapters.

Hard disagree. Power matchups is what makes battle shonen interesting imo. The Magna vs Dante fight in Black Clover was peak shonen especifically because we're seeing an objectively weak character beat up a much stronger character through grit and technique.

Sucked from minute 1. Escanor has always been the only good thing about this. I'm surprised the manga survived until his introduction.

This, i think the main issue was it kept extending the plot on the flimsiest of plot threads.
It should have set shit up more or let the arcs bleed together more, instead it felt like the author was ready to wrap up at the end of each arc and only got word they weren't cancelled yet like 4 chapters before starting the next arc
I think it's because it's copying one piece's formula too closely without the justification of the arcs being separated by being on different islands or something.

How's it compare to the sequel?

I think Nakaba wants the sequel to make it completely power level less.
Right now I don't think we can compare the standards in strength between the shows.

It's one guy

the use of numbers for powerlevels.

I hated the sudden introduction of power levels there was literally 0 reason to add this in but besides this the demon king was a disappointment and we didn't see much of the supreme goddess.

The moment escanor lost is where shit went south
Escanor was the only redeeming factor in this series and we really need reverse-jobber characters more in shonen

I had to google who Magna is because he's another character i don't give a shit about so i just skimmed that part too.
I just think it's not great design to have your weekly manga necessarily have to focus weeks to months of chapters on characters that are sometimes very unpopular.
Something similar but in a different format is in overlord where there's whole arcs focusing on people no one gives a shit about. I wonder if it would have been cancelled if it was a weekly serialization and they tried to pull the lizardman romance arc off.
It probably would have taken at least 6 months to get through that, but at least with a book you can just leaf through until you see the names of characters you give a shit about.

The moment they introduced numerical powerlevels. That last arc was just absolutely fucking retarded

Literally the only thing I really got excited about consistently was any Escanor appearance

because it sucked from the start and you should get better taste instead forcing these template threads, thanks

I see where you're coming, but just focusing on the popular characters creates the Dragon Ball problem where only one to three characters actually matter.

You can counter that by either
A) never pretend that the side characters are as important (boku no hero after a certain point and well, one piece to some degree)
B) Dont fucking bloat your cast, most shonen fall for this mistake.