Wait, in japan you can get bullied even in college?

Wait, in japan you can get bullied even in college?
How is that even possible?

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Yeah user that exclusively happens in Japan because your worldly knowledge is limited to manga.

user, I don't know how old are you, but bully happens in any age and any place, not limited to japan.

This. Even if all your knowledge comes from manga, there's that bully manga that gets posted here with a bully who grew up to work in a bank and is a bully there.
But for real, how has OP never heard of hazing?

Did you know that a wageslave can br bullied?

Now I really wonder how old are you.
Bullying can only happen in closed system like school/prison/army
For person to be bullied in university(literally impossible) or work(possible only to total losers), he must be hilariously retarded.
In university you literally spend only few hours per day with same people, and then just go to have drink, party with another students or whatever you want. There just not enough time to get bullied and this is why it never happens in civilized countries

Not OP but I’ll be honest I’ve never been bullied nor done any bullying unless you want to expand the definition to the most broadest of senses. Most I’ve seen is people socially getting clicky at work towards other nurses, or a doctor trying to talk down (to which you can politely tell them to suck your dick desu if your in the hospital). I certainly saw some in HS but stories of bullying post HS just feel foreign to me.

Of course I’m also a dude and I feel like bullying exists less in our worlds because we can just hit each other.

the time for lecures in uni isn't that shorter than schooltime

and how would a workplace like an office not be a closed system? it's not like you can just walk out during work time unless youwant to be fired
and if you can report to HR then you can report to a teacher

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Group dynamics don't change with age.

>the time for lecures in uni isn't that shorter than schooltime
it is. Also don't forget that in school years school is big part of everyone's life, while by university time everyone has life outside of it.
>and how would a workplace like an office not be a closed system
You can change your work anytime time you want
>and if you can report to HR then you can report to a teacher
Why not to try solve it yourself and just ask faggot to fight you if he has some problem with you personally, in front of everyone so he can't refuse?

Who the fuck gets bullied during uni lectures. How does that even happen? Most of us don’t even talk to each other in uni lectures outside of a passing question about assignments.

While that last paragraph is overblown in a work environment basic confrontation is honestly a pretty powerful tool. If you put your foot down every now and then people will atleast respect that you stand up for yourself.

But the threat of fighting is honestly why I don’t think guys bully each other. It’s not worth it for me to pick on some dude unless I’m willing to fight and it’s not worth it for some dude to humiliate me unless he’s willing to fight me. That shit just gets ingrained in you and from then on you just don’t pick up problems with other dudes that aren’t worth fighting over. And eventually y’all just work in peace

>You can change your work anytime time you want
you literally can't

If you have a real career you can literally just apply elsewhere until you find something else.

The janitor gets bullied all the time.

>what is mobbing

I literally do not know what to say to some idiot that thinks bullying doesn't exist among guys, let alone someone with a stupid theory like that. You should like a woman that thinks every single guy is a hulking and, most notably, COMEPLETLEY EQUAL mass of steroids willing and ready to trade blows at any transgression. And then you extrapolate this weird and false and crazy generalization you made to some weird theory off mutually assured destruction that even if the former generalization were true, this shit sure as fuck would not be true since guys fight all the time.


Try leaving your home

You can get bullied at work and in nursing homes too

Even in the underworld you can get bullied

The jackass trying to claim bullying doesn't exist is telling me to leave my home? Fuck you. You're really probably just a piece of shit bully trying to justify your bullying.
>hehehe if he didn't like what I was doing to him why didn't he just assault me, huh? Therefore I didn't bully him and bullying doesn't exist

you spend lectures and seminars with a lot of the same people, especially those with whom you begin your studies at the same time
Fellow students are still a social group, even if the studies itself were nothing but listening to the lecturer and writing solo assignents. If you don't interact with anyone, sure, you probably won't get bullied then either, but if you do interact, then the possibility for bullying is the same as anywhere else. Adults bully less than kids, but they bully all the same. Beyond that, there are fields where interactions with other students are constant.

that's completely out of your control and thus it's not "anytime", it's "whenever you happen to get selected"
let alone other factors that make it an unrealistic suggestion like pay, location, relevancy to your career goals, tenure...