One-Punch Man

Gentlemen, it's time to reread the monsters association arc to see if it holds up.

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>Gear 2

the kino SMURF version does

Story by whom? Who wrote the story? Tell me now user.

Dumbass OP, there's already a thread up

>shitty coomer thread of the worse sister

>an IRL tatsucuck

This thread is for GigaKings only

let me know op, I should do the same since whe had like 100 redraws

>a JOBukifag dares to speak against me.

I'll wait for volume releases since he'll redraw it 10 times until then

Even though the arc is now complete and can be read in one sitting it's still totally incohesive and poorly paced with everyone being out of character and even the action being an unreadable mess.

So how come none of the psychics who can read minds have found out King is a fraud?

the whole twist on king will be that he is actually strong, just pretending to be retarded.

I haven't read a single translated chapter ever since they emerged from the surface and I don't think I ever will again in the foreseeable future.

OP is a masochist.

they think he has mental blocks so they don't even bother

I did already and some bits are good, others are plain horrendous for a lack of a better word. The Garou/Metal Bat chibi team up probably takes the cake, but the sudden time travel in the end is a close second


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Sorry, I am not glutton for punishment.

Webcomic > Manga.

The only thing the Manga is good for is being a prime reference material on what NOT to do in the adaptation of a series for other series to watch out for.

If you mean the WC, yes. Holds up even more in fact now that the manga shows how much superior it is.

If you mean the manga, it has never held up and you need to fuck off to reddit.