Why the fuck nobody is talking about it? I thought it was an amazing movie

Why the fuck nobody is talking about it? I thought it was an amazing movie.

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It's cool but i would rather watch the movie they were making

You're late, we already talked about it.

i liked it a lot. bought the manga to see what it's like when they can't use all the fancy filmmaking techniques the movie had but it's pretty far down my backlog so I haven't started it yet

I was planning to watch it. Does it end with the classic shitty japanese open ending?

The movie only adapted the first volume of the manga but the movie itself ends perfectly

The shots that impressed me.
Adding so much action inside one second.

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It was alright, issue I had was there were barely any characters I liked except for Pompo herself, and she didn't show up nearly enough

Perfect, thank you

It is OK. Nothing spectacular.

>expecting Any Forums to talk about something that isn't aimed at 14 year olds

Because it’s shit
You’d have to be 14 years old to enjoy this shallow hollywood-worshipping insult to filmmaking

I wish the movie was actually about Pompo instead. Feel like I was baited.

Exactly. Instead here’s a lazy self insert
>are you a depressed wagie with a shit job?
>turns out you’re actually a master filmmaker all that’s needed to unlock your potential is for some loli to hand you the keys to her production with no effort from yourself
People will write off power fantasy isekai as for “14 year olds” yet this gets a pass somehow. Be much more fun if pompo was the one we follow even if the story stays the same cos at least we’d have something cute to look at

>self insert
actual retard

It was okay.

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>they thought the movie was actually about filmmaking
Absolutely filtered.

When it has “cinephile” in the title I expect the writers to have at least an entry level knowledge of filmmaking. Even so I wouldn’t mind if it were a more sol film focusing on pompo, instead we’re chained to the same boring, devoid of all personality standard-model protagonist that 80% of anime these days have. It should have been more like eizouken

It wasn't about Ponpo and it was more about editing than anything, but I enjoyed it well enough.
How many movies are there about editing, of all things.

Pompo: the Cinephile vs user: the Pedophile
Who wins?

>It should have been more like eizouken
Fuck no.

Why did the girl in the red hoodie looked like that K-On girl?

It’s simple, we rape the pompo
At least give a reason, eizouken was way better than this crap. Kanamori’s existence alone overrides any dumb gripe you have with the series

Solid 10/10, the only thing surprising is that no one ever bothered to make porn of Pompo

The only thing I remember was that scene in the rain, that dude who worked at the bank, and me needing to pee for the latter half of the movie because i got a big soda

Very underrated move
The animation is great as well especially the raindrop scene with the guy crossing the street